The Cut Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

I found Dads wallet

I hate washing clothes, especially when they are covered in blood, I put dad’s shirt in the machine, then I found Jay’s jacket he lent me, I looked to see if anything was in the pockets, then I found Dad’s wallet, I sighed it must be a mistake...right?


I need to get I can’t keep sleeping on a bench, today was the day I was going to see the solicitors to finally find answers. The solicitor showed me to his office.

“Jay Kelso right?” Kelso... I still haven’t got used to it yet.


“How much do you actually know?”

“Not a lot”

“Right okay, well about 3 weeks ago I get a call from a police station in the arse-end of nowhere and tells me they found a dead old tramp on the street, boo hoo I think, sad some guy died, but what’s it got to do with me...”

“Tell me about it” I laughed, the solicitor didn’t.

“Don’t interrupt me, turns out this dead man owned a building on Cleveland Street.”

“I thought he was homeless?”

“Ah, by choice it seems. Now as it seems that the owner of the lease is lying on the floor dead in the middle of nowhere, it turns to me to find the next heir, but to cut a very long legal dose short, the cafe and all above it now belong to you.”

“Whoa, what do I do with it?” the solicitor sighed

“Burn it down, make it a nightclub, turn it into a brothel, I don’t care...but whatever you do...” He tossed the keys at me.

“Put a smile on it sunshine, congratulations, you are now in the property ladder.”

In the space of an hour I went from sleeping on a bench to owning a cafe, now I need to find it...


I walked into dad’s room with a bunch of flowers; Stephen was next to dad who was sleeping.

“Who are those from?”

“Tina Fry” Yes the same Tina who was at my door a couple of days ago and the person who owned the pants I found in the bathroom.

“That’s a bit weird”

“Not really, she works for dad now, she in what you ma calls it... Human resources”

“Dad hasn’t got a H.R department”

“Oh, well apparently she’s into his resources”

Stephen laughed, I didn’t know if I should tell him about the wallet but here it goes.

“I found Dad’s wallet”



“What Marla?”

“It was in Jay’s jacket pocket”

“I knew it”

“It doesn’t mean anything”

Stephen frowned

“Oh course it does, it means he lifted Dad’s wallet when bringing him out, this Jay guy’s suspicious when it comes to this”

“You don’t know that he seemed genuine”

“I think you’ve got too much faith, I bet it was him who hit Dad”

“You don’t know that Stephen”

“He’s a witness and if he’s innocent he would have nothing to hide, we’re never gonna get hold of him now”

Well that’s what Stephen thinks...

“Well I got his number...” Stephen stared in shock.

“What? He was kinda hot”

“Call him”


“Yeah, get him back here. I want to ask him some questions.”

I went into my bedroom and called Jay, Stephen wanted to see him but I did too (He was quite hot)


I got an address to find the cafe, I walked past Cleveland Street and there it was. The outside was blue and had tables outside; someone was cleaning the window, someone I knew... It was Toni she must work there, I waved at her and she waved back, I was about to go in but then my phone started to ring, it was Marla.

“Hey Marla... Yeah I’ll be there... alright bye”

She wanted to meet me to ask me about something

Hopefully something good...

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