The Cut Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I was born here

I never thought coming to London I would be in a huge mess, I just needed to see the lawyer but instead I’m outside a hospital because and stranger got hit in the head by a baseball bat.

I walked towards Marla; she was waiting to see if her Dad was okay.



“I think you Dad’s gonna be okay, took a really bad hit on the head”

“Ugh I hate hospitals, they just... I hate them, they smell funny”

“Yeah they do... I was born here” Which is crazy because I live up North now, but being fostered you can go anywhere.

Marla started shivering; I took my jacket off and handed it to her.

“Here, put this on”

“No you’ll get cold”

“I’m fine, put it on” she took the jacket and placed it on her shoulders.

“So did you speak to the police?”

“Yeah I gave them a statement. Your Dad got hit, I came in, grabbed him and he was gone, he was fast.”

Toni came outside towards us.

“They said he’ll be fine, they just want to keep him overnight for observation. Can I get you anything?”

Marla shook her head.

“I’m okay; Stephen will be here in a minute so...”

“Is your mum on her way?”

“Um yeah”

“Look I better get back to Olive”

“I’m fine, I can handle it”

Toni waved and walked away, I turned towards Marla it would seem a little odd if I stayed there any longer, like she said her brother and mum were coming, she would be okay.

“You got my number yeah? If you need anything just...” I gestured a phone, she smiled and I walked with Toni.


This night was perfect, Stephen was back, he loved his present and everything seemed to be going right. I climbed up the ladder to my bedroom and climbed into my bed, Toni would be back soon, so I made it look like I was sleeping.


What a night, I said goodbye to Toni as she walked into the cafe. I rang Fin, she was bound to want to know what happened.

“Hey... nah I’ve only been here 2 hours and I’ve been in so much trouble.”

“What happened?”

“I’ll tell you what this town has its girls” Mainly Marla.

Fin sighed; she was used to me flirting with girls.

“Whatever, what did the lawyers say?”

“I’m gonna give them a call tomorrow”

“You got enough to keep you covered yeah?”

“Yeah I’ve got enough to get by thank you” I hung up and well I lied about the money, I had my train pass but no money, I walked past a park and saw a bench, it was the only thing I could see that I could sleep on.


I walked into Olive’s room, she was sound asleep. Bless, all that revision must of made her tired. I looked at my hands, they were covered in blood, I walked out of the bedroom to go wash my hands.


I ran over to Marla at the hospital after seeing the blood i knew I should of picked my phone up.


“Where were you?”

“I was on my way back”

Marla looked angry, get ready for a lecture.

“You were supposed to be here 2 hours ago. I’ve been up all night.”

“My train was delayed, where’s Dad?”

“He’s getting his skull x-rayed. The doctor said it was good but they kept talking about a haemorrhage getting in. He’s got serious concussion.”

“Well what did the police say?”

Marla stamped her foot and shouted.

“Where were you?”

She punched me in the chest and I saw tears in her face.

“Where were you?! Why weren’t you here? We had a birthday party for you!”

Her punches got softer and eventually started to cry in my arms.

“Marla I’m sorry”

Marla started to quieten, then I noticed something strange, Mum wasn’t here.

“Where’s mum?”

Marla looked up.

Here come the answers...

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