The Cut Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

I made a mistake about you


Marla is taking her time, she worries me sometimes, I wanted to follow her but she would tell Dad about Olive and I already have too much on my plate. I was bored, so I decided to clean the blood off the door, it felt like ages ago but Dad is still recovering.


Toni looked really worried, I felt like I needed to help her even though Marla just accused me of stealing her Dad’s wallet.

“She’s not answering her phone, on her bed there was an image on her laptop with this guy in a black hoodie lurking around the Mews. It could be the same guy that beat up your dad; you said he was wearing a black hoodie right?”

“Yeah” I walked with Toni, Marla trailing behind

“Why would Olive go out on her own?”

“Don’t worry, well find her” I looked at Marla and took the wallet out of my pocket.

“Here... thought I took it didn’t you?”

“Yeah, well why did you have it?”

“Tsk your un-real! I gave you the jacket with the money in the pocket, why would I do that?”

“What am I supposed to think?”

“You’re supposed to think I was helping your dad!

You know what I thought you were different. You’re just like the rest, some stuck up rich girl making judgements”

Toni turned around

“Wait, what are you arguing about?”

“She thinks I stole the wallet”

“No, he didn’t, I took it from your dad’s pocket to pay for the cab. Guys can we concentrate on looking for Olive please?”

Marla looked down at the ground, Toni looked around

“Olive! Marla where would you go?”


I met up with Stephen to tell him about the hooded man, we walked through the park, hand in hand.

“There was a guy in a black hoodie”

“What do you mean? You got him on tape?”

“I was making your surprise tape, there was this guy wondering around in the Mews”

Stephen’s phone started to ring, recently every time Marla rings something bad happens.

“It’s Marla”

“Just reject it” She would hear me and find out that we were going out

“I can’t, she knows”

My face dropped, Marla was bound to tell everyone at school

“How does she know?”

“I don’t know she just figured it out”

“Does she know about Paris?”

“No she just knows about us”

The phone kept ringing, Stephen looked at me, I picked up his phone and answered it

“Hello? Okay” Toni was looking for me, but why?

“I’ve gotta go Stephen, its Toni, she’s freaking out, she seen the tape and... Later I’ll call you later”

I kissed Stephen and ran off, Stephen looked like he was about to speak but I had to go.

Stephen sighed



Me, Jay and Toni were in the Mews looking for Olive, I was on the phone surprisingly to Olive, I knew about her and Stephen, so I guess she just didn’t care anymore if I knew or not. But Toni still didn’t know about them, and for Stephen’s sake, I decided to make something up.

Toni and Jay were walking around shouting

“Olive! Olive!”

I walked up to Toni

“I found her she’s fine, she’s at home, I just spoke to Stephen who saw her going to the cafe about 20 minutes ago”

Toni sighed

“Are you serious?”

Then Dad came outside in the PJ’s, finally he’s woken up

“What’s all the rumpus?”

Toni stared probably relived that Olive is okay

“I’m gonna make sure Olive’s okay”

Toni walked away, Dad looked up at Jay

“You’re the kid who helped me”


“You’re a brave man”

“Not really, anyone would have done it”

“Helping a guy out who has just been attacked by a psycho with a baseball bat, ha, I don’t think so”

“I’m just glad your okay, look um I got somewhere to be, I got to get a train so...”

“Well hey if you need anything you know where I am right?”

“I appreciate that”

Jay walked off into the alleyway, he looked at me and nudged me as he walked away, and I guess he is okay with me accusing him earlier. Dad sighed

“That kid saved my life”

I feel so bad about accusing him, I want him to stay.

I need to stop him...


I walked up to the sidewalk to get a taxi


Then I heard a girl’s voice... It was Marla


The taxi pulled over to me and Marla ran up to me

“You were right, I am a spoilt little rich girl, but I don’t want to be... not anymore”

“Then don’t be”

“Look, my family’s falling apart”

“Isn’t everyone’s?”

“Okay, I made a mistake and I made a mistake about my Dad, I made a mistake about my brother, and I made a mistake about you too”

Marla looked upset, but I needed to go home to see Fin

“Where you headed pal?” The taxi driver said

Should I stay or should I go...?

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