The Cut Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Happy Birthday Stephen

His head was covered in blood, he tried to get up, but I pulled him down.

“Take it easy...” But he was still trying to get up, like he needed to be somewhere.

“Chill out...Chill out!” I decided the only way was to shout for help, he was losing

“Help! Help! Somebody help!” I tried to talk to the man.

“I’m going to go get some help, you stay right here” I ran down the alleyway and banged on the house door, the white door was covered in blood by me holding the man. No one was answering, I decided to shout.

“Help! Open up!”

A young girl with blonde hair and an older girl with black hair opened the door.

“I need your help some guy just been attacked” I pointed at the man on the floor; the blonde girl stared at shock.

“Oh my god Dad” she ran towards her dad followed by the black haired girl.


I led Olive to a quiet area next to the park where we could talk. Olive started to kiss me; I leant back and started to talk.

“So what’s my present?” Olive laughed

“It’s in my pocket” She put her hand in her pocket and took out 2 train tickets.

“Paris? How did you...”

“Well when you were at your posh school, I was working in the cafe to sort out our future” I stared at the tickets, Olive gave me the best present ever and that’s why I love her.

“You’re amazing, when my Dad finds out what I did at school it will be unbearable, it’s the perfect escape”

We both smiled at each other, then my phone rang, it was Marla, probably asking where I was, I rejected it.

“Who’s that?” Olive asked

“It’s nothing” I held Olive’s hand a led her into the park.


I ran towards Dad, he was dazing out, Toni and a boy (called Jay) picked Dad up while I looked for a taxi.

“Taxi!” The taxi drove towards me, Jay and Toni put Dad into the taxi.

“You guys get in his head”

I went into the taxi and told the driver where to go.

“Nearest hospital please”

The taxi drove off to the hospital, I kept calling Stephen, where was he?


Stephen and I were walking towards the park talking about Marla.

“What Marla? No”

“She keeps calling” She called about 6 times now, she either knows about me and Stephen or there is some sort of emergency.

“That’s because she’s a mentalist, you know what she’s like, messing with other people’s business. She thinks she’s my mum”

“She arranged a surprise party for you”

“Yeah well surprise I didn’t turn up” Stephen laughed

“That’s not funny” Well maybe it was but it was a bit harsh.

We kept walking until Stephen’s phone rang again; it was Marla and as always Stephen rejected it.

“Ugh she’s insane... I can come back to yours for a bit if you want. Toni’s organising the party so we won’t get caught” Oh no, this was what I was trying to avoid, I love Stephen but I don’t want to have sex, not yet anyway.

“I don’t want to risk it, we can be alone in Paris” I leaned in to kiss Stephen to change the subject.

“I’m not in a hurry Olive, you can go as slow as you want” Good, I’m glad Stephen’s not one of those boys who pressure you to do something you don’t want to do.

“Thank you” I kissed him on the cheek and walked away

“Call me tomorrow yeah?” Stephen nodded; I smiled and walked back to the cafe.


We got to the hospital; Marla rushed out of the taxi and into the hospital.

“I’m gonna go find a doctor”

“Yeah okay” Me and Toni got Mack out of the car.

“Easy, easy”

The taxi was waiting for us to pay but I didn’t have any cash for a hotel, so I definitely didn’t have any cash for a taxi.

“I haven’t got any cash” Toni took the words right out of my mouth.

“I don’t either” Toni sighed and looked through Mack’s pocket; she found his wallet and took out some money.

“Here use that” She handed me the money and carried Mack into the hospital; I walked over the taxi driver and gave him the money.


It was 10pm I had a decent excuse for Marla, my train was delayed and my phone didn’t have any signal. I walked up to the house but saw blood stains all over the door.

Why was there blood on the door?

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