The Cut Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Worlds Collide

Stephen texted me saying that he was coming home, I turned the radio on and the Hoff was on I danced around the kitchen happy that Stephen was home for his birthday. Then Dad came in.

“What are you doing?”

What did it look like I was doing? I was washing up while dancing to the Hoff (um David Hasselhoff)

“What it’s the Hoff! Stephen’s coming home”


“In a couple of hours”


Dad doesn’t seem to be very happy, he keeps asking questions and I don’t know why, his son is coming home and he should be happy... I think

“I don’t know the school gave him a couple of weeks off for his Oxford interview”

“So what’s all this for?” Dad stared at the table; it was covered in napkins, candles and plates

“His birthday party, It’s his 18th today Dad, someone should make an effort”

“I am making an effort” Yeah right that’s what dad always says

“Alright then give me a hand”

“Well what are you planning?”

“Slap-up meal, sliver service”

Dad stared at me in wonder

“Sliver service? From where?”


I was over the counter cleaning up when I heard the words “Waiter” “Mackinnon’s” and I knew it wasn’t good, Toni wanted me to help her cater for the Mackinnon’s which is horrible Marla hates me and I’m not fond of Mack and Stephen doesn’t even know that he is having a party and said he would see me when he gets back.

“No Toni”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s degrading” Which it was, serving your enemy.

“I don’t know why you’re getting so hit up about this, it’s a good job, it’s not like we’ve got the money.”

“I would rather work 10 shifts here than serve that loser”

“It’s not like we’re not getting anything for it, it would pay us a fortune”

“I’m not doing it”

Toni sighed and stared in anger


“No I’m not, I’ve got other plans.”

“Like what?” Oh no I was meant to be meeting Stephen but since Toni doesn’t know about us I can’t say, she’ll ground me forever

“Forget it...” I walked up to my bedroom; I had to think of some excuse to get out of doing the party. Then I got a text from Stephen. It said he was back and would be over soon, I can’t wait!


Me and Dad were sat at the table staring at each other (and no we weren’t having a no-blinking contest) I wanted to ask Dad about mum and I thought this would be the perfect time.

“Where’s mum gone?”

“Don’t know”

“Did she find out you were having an affair?” I had to put that out there, I knew he was, it was obvious, first Tina then the pants, he looked up at me.

“Now that’s none of your business”

“I keep trying to call her and she doesn’t pick up”

“Well she said that she needed time”

“Yeah but its Stephen’s birthday, he’s going to want her here”

“Well she didn’t know he was coming home”

“Well I want her here” Dad started to get annoyed

“Well too bad, you’re just going to have to make do with the 3 of us”

Dad just doesn’t care; all he cares about is his stupid properties

“Ugh I really hate you sometimes”

Dad got up and walked off, probably went to see Tina before the dinner, great stuck here on my own.

I heard a knock at the door, it was Toni.


“Hey nice outfit” Which it was it, it was very formal but it looked sort of cheap.

I looked behind her.

“Where’s Olive?”


Toni took the excuse and let me be, I heard a stone hit my window, it was Stephen, I waved at him to climb up the ladder.

“Oh my god you’re back!”

“Shhh Toni will hear us” We always have to be quiet since Toni doesn’t know about us but she wasn’t here so it was all good

“No she’s not here I’m meant to be with her catering for your surprise party”

Stephen laughed

“Are you joking?”

“No...Marla booked us”

I looked down; I needed to ask Stephen about Marla, she was acting stranger than usual towards me.

“I think she knows”

“No she doesn’t I promise”

We both looked at each other, he leaned in to kiss me, this made my day. I stared at the clock, it was getting late

“You should go over there”


“Because it’s your birthday party”

“It wouldn’t be the same without you” I smiled, he always turns the charm on, we kissed again, he held me tightly and laid down on my bed, I knew what he was doing and I didn’t want to, I got back up and thought quickly of what to say.

“Um I got you a present”


“ I’ve been in here all day can we go out?”

Stephen looked upset that he was rejected but he didn’t seem to mind

“Yeah, sure where?”

I thought the mews but Marla and Toni would see I couldn’t think of anywhere but I knew Stephen knew his way around London.


We got up and walked out hand in hand.


After 2 hours on a train, I was finally in London, it was late so I had to think of a place to stay, I walked past an alleyway, A man in a suit and a man in a black hoodie walked past each other, suddenly the hooded man hit the other man with a baseball bat, the suited man fell to the ground.

“Hey!” I ran towards the hooded man, he ran past, I couldn’t catch up with him, I turned back to the man on the floor, he was covered in blood...

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