The Cut Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

He’s not going to call


The taxi was waiting, Jay was stood staring in silence, I wanted him to stay but he had his mind set.

“I’m sorry I gotta go”

He turned towards the taxi, my heart sunk

“Hope your dads okay” Jay got into the taxi and drove off, I walked back into the alleyway and into the house, I dropped to the ground, the one boy that cared is gone, what am I gonna do?


Toni looked at the screen with the black hooded man on; she stared at it for ages

“We have to tell Mack”

“I will give me a chance”

“Why were you filming this?”

I thought she would say this, I couldn’t say for my boyfriend; it would ruin the whole thing including Paris.

“Why were you looking? Just give me some privacy”

Toni sighed

“I don’t want there to be any secrets between us... where were you last night?”

“I went for a walk”

“Well with dangerous people round you can’t”

Just then my phone rang, it was Stephen

Toni got up and walked over to the door

“No more disappearing okay?” She walked out of the room

I looked at my phone, I loved Stephens’s texts because they always make me smile even in the most awkward situations like the one I just had.


I walked into the kitchen; Stephen was sat there, eating toast

“Is dad up yet?”

“He said something about an early meeting”

Stephen’s phone started to ring; I knew it was Olive, who else would text him?

“Is that Olive?”

“Is that your business?”

I walked out of the door for my morning jog, I jogged past the park and there he was, dad kissing Tina in public, it was officially true, dad was cheating.


I looked at the mail, typical bills, bills and more bills, but at the bottom at the pile was a school letter, I opened it and sighed, I walked over to Olive who was cleaning tables.

“I just got a letter from your teacher, apparently your stupid...” Olive looked up

“Your grades, their rubbish, your French is really bad and you’ve got a test tomorrow, you haven’t even started revising yet have you?”

“I’m rubbish at it, what’s the point in revising if I’m gonna fail anyway?”

“C’mon Olive go upstairs and revise”

“What about the council meeting, who’s gonna cover?”

“It’s fine, it’s my problem” Olive walked up the stairs, now to find someone to cover....


I hopped out of the shower and walked into Stephen’s bedroom, Stephen was picking things off his extra large pizza.

“Did anyone call for me?”

“He’s not gonna call you Marla, you did accuse him of being a thief”

“I wasn’t talking about him and whose fault was that anyway?”

Stephen ignored the comment I aimed at him.

“Whatever you should probably call him and apologize”

“I did apologize”

Stephen laughed

“You apologized and he still left? That’s a little bit harsh”

I rolled my eyes, I looked over at Stephen’s bed he had a box filled with Mum’s letters.

“Are those Mum’s letters?”


“I saw dad today when I was jogging, he was with that Tina girl”

Stephen seemed to switch off after I said about Mum’s letters, the doorbell rang and Stephen didn’t move, I wasn’t going to get it, I was in a small towel.

“Can you get that please?”

“I’m busy” Busy? At what picking things off pizza?

“No you’re not I’m busy”

“I am”

“I’m in my Birthday suit!”

The doorbell rang again and as always Stephen ignored it, I gave up

I walked down the stairs and opened the door, this better be good.

Standing outside in grey joggers and his signature hat, was Jay. (Bearing in mind that I was only wearing a towel this was a pretty awkward moment)

Jay smiled

“Um is this a bad time?”

Kill me now...

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