The Cut Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


After an hour of trying to figure out how to turn the camera on, I did it. The things I do for my boyfriend...

My boyfriend’s 18th birthday is coming up and I thought of a great idea to make a video for him, since I won’t see him because he goes to boarding school.

My name is Olive and I am 15 years old (Yes 15) not many people know that I’m going out with an 18 year old but I don’t care, I love him and age doesn’t matter to us.

Okay so back to the filming, the camera started recording and sadly I didn’t plan it so it’s a spontaneous video, oh well, here it goes...


Okay it was starting okay but then my big sister Toni came storming in without even knocking (she doesn’t know about my Boyfriend either) I work at the cafe with her and it’s a drag.

“We’ve got customers”

“You said you would cover this morning”

“Well it’s too busy just for me”

“Give me ten minutes”

“FIVE!” Toni stormed out, I don’t care I just need 10 minutes to do this video and I’ll be done. So I carried on with the video.

“God the privacy... Right well I guess this is the first part of your present. “

I showed a big envelope at the camera.

“Presents are only as good as how surprising they are, so I guess this is the best present ever.”

I decided to walk and talk with the camera and went round the back of the cafe; I decided to film the cafe until Toni saw me.

“Can you stop messing around with the camera and just get up here and help?”

I ignored her, it was only 2 minutes, I decided to go outside to the mews to film a bit more and talk in a bit more private.

“Well I told her I’m leaving after exams. Not that she really cares; she never went to college...”

I walked into the mews and filmed the houses, and then I saw Marla Mackinnon. I’ve never got on with her and I don’t think I will.

“Welcome to the Mews...

Oh look it’s your sister; she’s been emotionally retarded at the minute. She’s been running like its going out of fashion”

Then Marla came jogging towards me and pushed the camera.

“Get that out of my face!” she shouted as she jogged away

“Chill out!”

“Emo Freak!” Marla turned the corner, thank god, then a black car drove out of the Mews, it was Mack.

“Oh there’s your dad. I think he’s bought Number 11 but I don’t know how true that is, I don’t really believe it...”

I turned the camera back to me and talked more about his present.

“Anyway... This is your present, but I’m not going to say much about it, but basically I’m not going to see you on your birthday and I thought this video could be a good card? But I’ll leave it to you how you get up bye!”

I turned the camera off and put the tape into the envelope; I walked over to the post-box and hoped it would get to him on time.

5 minutes exactly, better get back to the cafe...

“Happy Birthday Stephen” I sighed as I walked to the cafe.

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