The Cut Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

I lost my ticket


Have you ever been in this situation? You’re standing in front of your crush, in a towel, just staring? Yes, I have and to top it off Dad came walking towards us, not good.

“My hero!” Shouted Dad as he walked towards us

“Hey how you feeling man?”

“I’m feeling pretty good, struggling to keep my thoughts together” Dad turned his head to show the mark, when I say mark, I mean huge hole in his head.

“You got mashed up man”

“Well it’s healing up... well don’t just stand there come inside”

Jay looked at me, he seemed hesitant

“Um okay”

I ran upstairs and whipped something on as quickly as possible and ran down the stairs where Jay and Dad were.

“Tea or coffee?” Dad asked

“Um I wouldn’t mind a tea thanks” Dad looked up at me

“How was your run?”

Well the usual apart from the small thing that I saw you kissing a woman that wasn’t mum... that’s what I wanted to say but I thought of a more subtle way

“Alright, how was your meeting?”

“Um yeah it was good” Yeah I don’t think tonsil tennis counts as a meeting Dad.

“You shouldn’t be working”

“Somebody’s got to keep the roof over our heads”

“Aw who’s thinking about family” Dad knew I was being sarcastic, I saw Jay sat in the middle of this slightly awkward conversation  

“You heard anything from the police?” Jay asked

“Just a mugging, 10 a penny round here but apparently I’ve got my own victim support officer, love a bit of official sympathy” Dad said support officer like it was something to be proud of

“Well if they need any witnesses I’m around”

Just then Stephen walked in, obviously finished picking at his pizza....

“Have you met my little boy?”

Jay smirked


“Jay, Stephen, Stephen, Jay” Stephen nodded at Jay

“So you’re alright to get the stuff from the Everest’s yeah?” Dad asked Stephen

“Um maybe later” Stephen turned to Jay

“It was nice to meet you” Stephen walked out of the kitchen

“What is it you need doing?”

“Oh just to move some stuff from an empty property into storage”

“How much do you need to move?”

“A couple of boxes”

“Is it far?”

“The property is just around the corner and the storage is at my office”

Jay nudged me

“We could do it” Before I could answer Dad burst out laughing

“Fat chance of getting her to lift a finger”

“Yeah we can” That will show Dad

“Right...” Dad walked upstairs

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