The Cut Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Who’s got your jacket?

Jay said he would meet me, I didn’t say anything to Stephen but he saw me go outside, he followed me.

“Where are you going?”


“To meet him”


“Don’t lie to me Marla”

“What like you do about Olive?”

“What did you say?”

“You heard”

Stephen ran next to me.

“Look Marla I’m serious, he could be dangerous and it’s getting dark. Mum will go crazy if she knew you were doing this”

“Well mum’s not here”

“Well whose faults that?”

I turned towards him; he thought I made mum leave?

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m not here okay? Whatever happened it’s something to do with you or dad, but I go away and I come back and she’s gone and you won’t tell me why!”

I flipped.

“Exactly! You go away, your never here, you don’t understand Stephen and where were you that night when I needed you and dad got his head cracked open! Running around with pathetic Olive. Yeah you’ve really got your priorities straight.”

I kept walking but Stephen followed

“Don’t follow me or I’ll tell dad where you really were last night”

He stopped and turned around back to the house.

Now to meet Jay...


I decided to watch the video I made for Stephen, I laughed at the part when Marla pushed the camera, I continued to watch it then I saw a black hooded man in the alleyway. The same alleyway that Mack was beaten up! I had to find Stephen and quick.


I needed to call Fin and tell her about the cafe.

“I’ve gotta catch a late train.”

“I thought you were coming back this afternoon? Where are you I need you, Lily’s going insane.

“Ugh I’m coming home I just got to see this girl about some...” I mumbled


“Never mind”

“What did the lawyer say? Is it bad news?”

“Nah it’s good”

“Well have you met someone?”

“Have I met someone, tsk I’ve only been here a day”

“I know what you’re like you go to the post office and you meet someone”

“Ha! You’re crazy”

“You’re not coming home are you?”

“I am I just gotta get my jacket”

“Who’s got your jacket?”


The cafe was very busy, I needed help, I went upstairs to get Olive but she wasn’t there, I saw her laptop lying on her bed with a video on, it was stopped at a hooded man in the Mews, where was Olive?


I clutched Jay’s jacket in my hand waiting for him, then he came towards me and sat beside me.


“Hey, thanks for coming to meet with me”

“No worries”

“Here’s your jacket” I passed his jacket to him

“I was gonna clean it because it’s got blood on it, but I didn’t have time”

“That’s okay, how’s your dad?”

“He’s okay; he’s just resting a lot. He has this big bandage on his head which looks like he’s just been in a war” We both laughed, I didn’t know when I was gonna ask him about my dad’s wallet

“Do the police know who did it?”

“No, they think it was a mugging” Jay started to look at his watch.

“You gotta be somewhere?”

“Yeah, I gotta get home”

“Where’s home?”

“’Bout 100 miles North”

“Oh, that’s a long way”

“Yeah, um thanks for returning my jacket” Jay got up

“So, I guess that’s it then”

“If you ever need anything”

“I’ve got your number”

“I’ll see you around” He started to walk away, I had to ask him about the wallet, I shouted

“Jay? My dad’s wallet?” He started to rummage through his jacket, but then I heard a familiar voice shout my name.

“Marla!” It was Toni, she looked panicked

“Have you seen Olive? I don’t know where she’s gone, I’ve looked everywhere, The cafe, the mews, the cut, I don’t know where she is”

I looked up at Jay, he didn’t look very happy

Just when you think you life can’t get any worse...

It does.

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