The Cut Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

If you want something you got to work at it


So I’m stuck in a small storage room, with a boy that just saw me in just a towel and its freezing cold. Jay was banging on the door forever.

“Are you claustrophobic?”

“No, I just don’t like spiders; I should have watched more Ray Mears”

I laughed not so Mr tough guy anymore then?

Suddenly Jay yelped

“Whoa there’s a rat!” He climbed up the cupboard, really? What a scaredy cat

“It was probably just a mouse”

“Can you call someone have you got signal on your phone?”

“Jay were underground, I have no signal”

“Well when is someone gonna get us?”

“Dad will figure it out its fine”

“Well when is that gonna be?”

“Calm down!” Jeez why is he getting so worked up, it’s not like we’re gonna be down here forever

“Calm down? Were in a bunker with rats!”

This is gonna be a long day...


I was walking back from the park when Dad came up behind me

“What’s up loner? Heading home from your Sweeny Todd?” What was Dad talking about? Did he think that would make him sound a little more intelligent?

“No I’ve got stuff to do”

“Yeah your big interview right?”

“Yeah, some post arrived for Mum this morning”

Dad’s voice changed


“Yeah, do you know what’s going on with her?”

“She’s fine; she just needs some time and space”

I knew Dad was hiding something but I didn’t know what

“Do you know where she is?”

“No but she’ll come back, she always does...

But you know it’s not you or Marla, it’s just relationships, the important ones are the ones that really matter, and they go through some turbulence. It’s how you work each other out, if it’s too easy then you’re with wrong person” Dad again was trying to be intelligent but it made no sense

“I think that’s the worst advice I’ve ever had”

“I’m just saying if you want something, you need to work at it” Again more pointless advice, Dad walked away and I walked towards the house to meet up with Olive


It must have been 2 hours by now, it was cold in the storage room, and suddenly Marla perked up.

“Okay I have a game, let’s play shoot, hook up with or marry, okay Nick, Kevin or Joe?”

“Who?” Really who on earth were they?

“You know, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas? Marla looked at me like I was dumb

“Who are these people?”

“Uh duh the Jonas brothers? You know Camp Rock? Miley, all that crowd?”

“Miley? I’ve heard of a Wiley...” Marla looked at me strangely; did she not know who Wiley was?

“You know Eskimo?” I hummed the tune but Marla just stared, she rolled her eyes

“Okay you’re rubbish at this game”

“Well that’s because it’s a rubbish game”

“Alright then sparky you think of something”

I thought for a while but I got it.

“Let’s play catch the mouse, you can be the catcher and I’ll jump up on that chair and just look really high, like an eagle and see the rat from a distance and I’ll be like ah! There’s the rat, so basically your running around while I’m being lazy in a high place” To me that sounded at pretty good game but Marla wasn’t having any of it

“That’s not fun!”

“Well I give up, I don’t know what to do, and we’ve been stuck here ages. I haven’t even peed!”

There is a bucket near me and I’m tempted, but Marla keeps looking.

I hate dodgy doors...

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