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Casey’s POV

        The text sounded way too suspicious. 

        Yet here I was, at eight o’clock at night, in the park and waiting for them to show. 

        Of course, I’m not stupid, I didn’t show up alone. A few officers were hiding in various places throughout the park.

        I checked the time on my phone, shivering slightly from the chilly air. 


        Oh god, where are they? They should be here soon, right? My eyes scanned the desolate park, my eyes squinting to get through the darkness. I was having trouble identifying the dark shapes of the park, when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. 

        It looked suspiciously like a person. 

        More specifically, three people.

        My heartbeat increased, if that was even possible. It had already been beating quickly due to the anticipation and worry. 

        The figures steadily moved closer, and I wanted to see who it was so badly, wanted to know that they were my boys. But I was too scared of the disappointment. 

        “Casey!” I heard a yell before one of the dark figures rushed towards me, and I felt my heart stop for a moment. I recognize that voice. The person enveloped me in a hug. I recognize this person

        “Dakota?” I croaked out, disbelief. The person detached themselves from me and stepped back. I could see them vigorously nodding their head. “You’re okay?”

        “Yup!” he declared excitedly, throwing his arms out wide. 

        Tears immediately rushed to my eyes. 

        “Freeze!” A loud voice boomed behind me before a bright light shone on us, making my watery eyes even blurrier. 

        I couldn’t see for a few moments, before my eyes re-adjusted to the brightness and I could make out a few of the police officers. 

        “Who’s there?” Dakota called to them as Ollie and Nick came to stand beside us. 

        “Everything’s fine! They’re okay!” I yelled to them, disregarding Dakota’s question. 

        “In any case, please come down to the station with us, we need to sort some things out.” I nodded, positive they could see it with the bright lights they were shining on us. 

        I turned to my boys. “You guys are in a lot of trouble,” I scowled before leading the way to the police officer’s car. 


        Ten minutes later, the boys were being questioned by the police. Dakota had a goofy grin on, whereas the other two had somewhat serious faces. 

        “So, what happened?”  the detective asked. 

        “Nothing, sir. We weren’t kidnapped, we’re fine,” Dakota answered, still smiling. 

        The detective’s brow went up. “Then what was with this note found at your house?” The detective slid the note over to Dakota, the note placed carefully into a plastic evidence bag. 

        Dakota scanned the note before shrugging. “It was a harmless prank.”

        “Harmless prank? You’ve been missing for over a day, worrying your family and friends.”

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