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Epilogue [listen to the song on the side while you read this!]

        Nick gripped the boy’s hand in his own, the skin still warm to the touch yet deathly pale. 

        “Oliver James Capello.. This isn’t funny anymore, please wake up,” Nick whispered, tears continuing to glide out of his already red and puffy eyes. 

        The machine sitting next to the boy’s bed was constantly beeping, the only thing letting Nick know that the boy he loved was still alive. 

        “Nick honey, it’s not healthy to be sitting here all the time. Go take a lap around the floor, then you can come back, okay?” A woman had laid her hand upon Nick’s shoulder, their features very similar. Yet her own features were also strained and her eyes showed signs that she had been crying. 

        “Okay Mom,” Nick replied, heaving a heavy sigh. His legs were stiff as he stood up, just to further prove how long he had sat in that cold hard chair, just waiting for the boy to open his eyes and give him a big smile. 

        But the doctors hadn’t confirmed when he would wake up, if he would at all. 

        Nick’s jaw was set, teeth clenched tightly together. He wiped away a few more tears, feeling down, his life resembling nothing like it did a few days ago. He was a wreck. Bitter memories swirled around his mind, engulfing him in a blanket of sadness, sadness for everything he had lost. It wasn’t just him who had lost people he truly cared about; there were many other just like him at this very moment, suffering. Three families had been ravaged that day, three families who would never forget. 

        He would never forget. 

        Sitting down on a nearby bench, he buried his head in his hands, the hospital staff bustling about. 

        Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a newspaper, the words “Two dead, one hospitalized!” written in big bold letters so they would catch the reader’s attention. 

        They certainly caught Nick’s and as much as the pit in his stomach told him not to, he read it anyways, running a hand through his blonde hair. 

        “Two teens, Casey Adams (16 years) and Dakota Kels (16 years) were pronounced dead upon arrival by police officials. Eye witness accounts claimed to have seen Casey limping from the side of the house, before Dakota slit her throat with a silver knife. Dakota’s twin brother, Nick Kels (16 years), had just arrived home as this occurred, and he subdued Dakota after witnessing Casey’s murder. But while Nick had been calling the police to inform them of this incident, Dakota had committed suicide, cutting his own throat with the same knife. 

        Later Oliver Capello (16 years) was found in the Kel’s home, after having suffered blunt force trauma to the head, causing him to go into a coma. It is suspected that this was also from Dakota’s doing. His condition has been stabilized, but there is no news yet as to whether or not he would awaken anytime soon.

        According to Dakota’s parents and doctors, he suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as Multiple Personality Disorder. His family had confirmed that lately he had been acting strangely, and it is also suspected that Dakota may have been the person who killed Johanna Sterling (24 years), a local jogger whose body was found at the park.”

        Nick couldn’t read this any longer, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks. A loud sob echoed through the air, and Nick felt absolutely powerless. 

        The images were still new in his mind, and he still couldn’t believe that his brother was gone. His boyfriend was gone. The two people that he cared most about in this world were pretty much gone, not to mention the girl that his brother was head over heels for. 

        Nick remembered a conversation he had with his twin, one late night when Dakota couldn’t sleep. 

        “You don’t understand bro, she’s just so great! She’s sarcastic, funny, playful, and sure she’s a little weird, but who isn’t?” Dakota sighed dreamily, and Nick had to hold back a smile. 

        “You sound like a twelve year old girl,” Nick pointed out, one of his eyebrows raised. Dakota stretched out across Nick’s bed, throwing his arms up into the air. 

        “I don’t care! I really like her Nick, like, a lot,” Dakota admitted quietly. “I might even go so far as to say I’m falling for her.” 

        Nick watched his brother stare at the ceiling, lost in his own thoughts, grey eyes swimming in adoration as he thought about Casey. 

        So Nick simply said, “Then go for her.” 

        That was the day before everything went wrong. 

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