Music & Monsters [Camp NaNo July]

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"Why do you always have those earbuds in?"

"Music keeps the monsters away." 


Casey Adams is your average 16 year old - except for one thing; she has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. 

Unable to take the symptoms any longer, she finds a way to drown out all the voices and hallucinations; through the continuous playing of music. Yet the symptoms just get increasingly worse, dragging Casey deeper and deeper into the pit of insanity, despite her attempts to pull herself out of it with the help of medication, therapy, and of course music.

But, sometimes, it just takes a little push from something to get two feet back on solid ground. Or a push from someone.

Yet even as Casey finally begins to open up, bad and terrible things begin to happen to those who she chooses to get close to. 




I'M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THISSS. like, you don't understand. why can't july come any faster? but anyways, i just wanted to get this out there just cause :3 let me know what you think! 

dedicated to @doctorhorrible for the FANTASTIC cover on the side! 

*okay, i should also say that although i've been doing a ton of research on Schizophrenia to get everything right, some things will be made up for the purpose of moving the book along. so i'm sorry if some things are incorrect, and please remember that this is FICTION. meaning things that could possibly "cure" (treat) schizophrenia in here may not work in real life. 

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