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Casey’s POV

        I just stared blankly at the officer for a few moments, before it finally hit me. 

        “Missing? How would that even be possible?” I shouted, my hand running frantically through my hair. “I saw them earlier today, and now you tell me that they’re missing? Don’t they need to be missing for like twenty-four hours or something before you guys start looking for them?” I questioned, my voice a pitch higher in worry. 

        The officers both nodded, their faces solemn. 

        “Yes, usually there is a twenty-four hour wait period before people can be reported missing. This however, wasn’t just a missing persons case. The Kels and Capellos both found some… alarming notes addressed to them.” 

        This made my heart rate spike. 

        “Alarming notes?? What does that mean?” I asked, my voice strained. 

        They exchanged a glance, before pulling out a plastic evidence bag with a piece of paper in it. 

        “Oh my god,” my mom whispered from behind me as she stared at the note on top. My eyes were glued to it, and my head started to spin. 

        There were dark red splatters on the note, almost brown. 

        “Is that… blood?” I gulped, chills running up and down my body. 

        “We believe so, but we won’t know for sure until we get the lab results back,” they informed me. 

        I gave a nod, and began to read the note. I already felt tears welling up in my eyes.

        Mr. and Mrs. Kels

        I have your sons Dakota and Nick. They will be killed regardless of what you do. 

        It was like my mind was detached from my body as I read the note.

        “Killed?” I whispered, the tears building up even further. Then my eyes landed on the name signed at the bottom. 


        Dread and confusion spread through my body. 

        “Lucifer?” I said softly, my arms wrapping around my body of their own accord. “Lucifer?!” I repeated, screaming it this time. “No, it can’t be! Not him! But how? That doesn’t make any sense, he couldn’t have kidnapped them too!” I rambled, my mind on overdrive. My entire body was shaking, and despite the house being a snug 74 degrees Fahrenheit, I felt cold all over. 

        “Casey, do you know this ‘Lucifer’ person?” one of the officers asked, looking into my bewildered eyes intently. However, I couldn’t focus on him but I managed to shake my head. 

        “No, I don’t know who Lucifer is. But..” I trailed off, before letting out a slightly maniacal laugh. “This is all a hallucination isn’t it? Okay, you got me you stupid voices, now just let me out of here! This isn’t funny,” I yelled at myself. Yet the voices were quiet, which wasn’t unusual during a hallucination. I squeezed my eyes shut, and hoped that when I opened them, the officers would be gone and I’d be sitting up in bed. 

        No such thing happened. 

        “Hallucination? Voices?” I heard an officer whisper to my mom. I registered her concerned look at me before she nodded. 

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