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Casey's POV

Get it together Casey. Just knock on the goddamn door – you know he's home. And even if he wasn't, no harm, no foul, right?

I slowly rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet as the dark blue door loomed over me, my teeth digging into my lower lip as my brow furrowed.

I had been standing here for a solid five minutes, just trying to work up the courage to lift my hand and announce my presence to the people inside. But I had never decided to randomly stop by someone's house before, and I had this bad feeling that Dakota would send me home and my face would be alight.

You're starting to seem like a creep, just do it!

I took a deep breath, forcing my hand to raise. I was about to push the little white doorbell, when I heard a muffled shout.

And then a shatter. 

Startled, I jumped back from the door, my heart stuttering for a second.

"What the..." I muttered, as the shouts continued. I saw a little window next to the door, and I couldn't help but peer inside. It gave me a clear view of his living room.

Dakota was facing me, his hands making wild gestures in the air as his nostrils flared. His eyes were narrowed at the guy standing in front of him.

A brow rose as I recognized the grey fedora over jet-black hair. Ollie?

They appeared to be locked in a heated argument, Dakota's shouts pausing every few seconds to which Ollie would move or make a gesture. I could see Dakota's hands curling and uncurling as the blonde shook his head.

Then he seemed to let out a frustrated cry, his fist crashing into the cream colored wall beside him. I saw the plaster crack and crumble, little particles dusting the carpet.

Ollie flinched, jumping back a few feet. His mouth formed an 'O' of surprise as he tripped over a table leg, and went tumbling down to the floor. His new angle let me see his face, and I felt myself pale. Ollie looked scared.

What the hell is going on? I've never seen him look so terrified!

My mind was a whirlwind at this point, and I pressed my ear to the door as I strained to listen. I couldn't decide whether or not I should get involved – this matter probably had nothing to do with me. I shouldn't even be here anyway.

"Get out Ollie! I told you! I'm perfectly capable of controlling myself, and it won't happen again! So LEAVE!" Even through the door, I could feel the anger radiating off of Dakota. Control himself? What did Dakota do?

I glanced through the window to see Ollie shake his head fervently, his mouth moving. He scrambled to get up, but stumbled again when Dakota took a menacing step towards him.

Dakota opened his mouth to retort something, when he paused, eyes going wide. Ollie hurriedly stood up, putting his hand on Dakota's shoulder and whispering something in his ear. I couldn't help but notice the slight tremor in Ollie's hand.

Dakota appeared to be in some sort of daze, his posture completely relaxed as his grey eyes stared fixedly on a point on the wall. Ollie was still whispering in his ear, but whatever he was saying didn't seem to jolt Dakota out of his stupor.

Then, without warning, Dakota's arm lashed out with such force that it sent Ollie sprawling onto the floor. Ollie clutched his stomach in pain.

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