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Casey’s POV

                I met a girl today during seventh period. Her name was Red, and she was pretty cool.

                After we laughed over the fact her parents named her after her hair color, we spent the entire period questioning Mr. Garrison’s teaching methods.

                He was an erratic sort of teacher, cracking lame science jokes that we rolled our eyes at. Sometimes did they might earn a half-hearted chuckle.

                “I’d tell you a chemistry joke,” Mr. Garrison started. “But all the good ones Argon!” He let out a bellowing laugh at his own joke, while Red and I rolled our eyes.

                The only other person laughing was Dakota. He was one of those people who laughed at everything and anything, just because he was such happy person. When Dakota laughed, the entire class seemed to brighten, everyone’s mood a little lighter.

                “Lame,” Red coughed, earning a glance from Mr. Garrison. He didn’t say anything however, and she just smiled cheekily at him. I had to choke back a laugh at the simple exchange, and it seemed as if nobody except us three had noticed it.

                The minutes ticked by, filled with torturous humor. If I could’ve given Mr. Garrison one word of advice, it would be to just stop.

                Then the bell rang and I flew out of that damned classroom like the hellhounds themselves were after me. Needless to say, Science wasn’t exactly my favorite class. Clearly it was my second favorite.

                “Hey! Wait up! Casey!” I was just about to pop my earbuds back in when someone started calling me.

                I turned, and Red was chasing after me, her red hair swishing behind her.

                “Oh hey,” I greeted with a smile.

                “Hey,” she responded. “Since I’m still new here, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? Maybe you could show me around town or something, it’d be nice to make a friend,” she rambled.

                I nodded. “Yeah, sure, that sounds cool.” I liked Red, she really did seem like a neat person. She seems like someone I would try to friend before my problem emerged, and well, this lonely life is hard. Maybe all I need is someone to connect with in order to help me through this problem.

                Maybe Red could be the one to help me. Who knows who it could be, I just know that I need to try.

                “Great! Let me just text my dad, I’m sure he won’t mind. Where’s a good place to hang out?” Red asked as she sent a quick text. I also sent a text to my mom, who was even more overjoyed that I was trying to make friends with a girl. She was a bit suspicious when I told her about being friends with guys, but was supportive as always.

                I shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess the mall is a good place to start.” I hadn’t been to the mall in a few years, always shying away from social interaction. “Wait, but I don’t have a car and it’s takes too long to walk.”

                “Sounds fun, and we can take my car.” Red beamed.

                “Really? Then I guess we’ll go to the mall.” I was actually kind of excited to be going to the mall, I actually quite enjoyed going when I was younger.

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