Chapter 55

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(N=Nash, JG= Jack Gilinsky, T=Taylor, J=Jake)

(8am) N: What time are you picking us up?

(8:01) T: 10am

(8:01) N: Is everything ready?

(8:05) JG: almost! Just trying to get Mia out the house.

(8:05) T: that's my girlfriend dude

(8:06) JG: she's nice and all but dudeee she's clingy as fuck

(8:06) J: didn't I tell you that?

(8:06) T: okay don't rub it in :)

(8:30) J: sorry man! How long do you need me to keep her here for?

(8:45) JG: at least an hour, maybe even an hour and a half?

(8:45) J: that should be easy ;)

(8:46) T: that's my best friend dude. Plus, she'd never do that with you. She has a boyfriend.

(8:50) J: I wasn't implying sex. Although...

(8:52) T: I'm warning you.

(8:52) J: I'm joking man! Lighten up

(9:00) T: I'm so stressed by making this perfect. It can't go wrong.

(9:25) N: where are you now?

(9:32) T: Walmart. Getting the drinks and food.

(9:42) J: this is gonna be legendary

(9:45) N: if she doesn't beat the shit out of me first

(9:45) T: she won't. Trust me.

(9:47) N: did you invite everyone?

(9:47) J: I got the few people in school she actually likes. Do you know how hard it is to actually find someone she doesn't hate?

(9:47) N: she's strong willed. That's what I love about her.

(9:50) T: ...

(9:50) N: not like that! She's like my sister okay.

(9:51) JG: sureeeee

(9:51) N: tell me again why JJ isn't involved in this?

(9:52) JG: he's absolutely shit at keeping secrets.

(9:54) N: fair enough.

(9:56) T: I'm leaving to get you Nash.

(9:56) N: Ight

(10:04) N: me and Taylor are at the house.

(10:07) J: is everything ready?

(10:10)T: yeah we just need you to bring her back.

(10:25) T: jake

(10:34) T: dude it's been half an hour

(10:45) T: DUDE

(10:50)JG: shall I just come pick her up?

(11:00) N: jake don't ruin this. Everyone is here.

"What are you doing?"

"You're late Jake" I say waving his phone at him. His eyes flick to the alarm clock by his bed.

"Shit! It's 11:02"

"What exactly are you late for?"

"No time. Come with me." He says pulling me out the door and to his car.

"So you were kidnapping me?" I say trying to lighten the mood.

"No" he says gripping the steering wheel, leaning forwards as if it will make the car move faster. He's already doing 50 in a 35mph zone.

"Slow down!"

"I can't. We're late."

"Jake! We won't get there if you kill us both!"

"You're right" he says relaxing, slowing the car down

"I bet you got like 10 speeding tickets because of that stunt"

"Oh!" He says ignoring me "I need you to change into this" He says pointing to the back seat of the car. My black lace top and mint green skirt are laying in the back.

"What? Why do you have my clothes in your car?"

"Please just trust me and put them on"

"Fine, but don't look."

"I'm not making any promises I can't keep"

"Pig" I laugh, taking the clothes from the seat. I wriggle into them as discretely as possible.

"Nice bra" Jake laughs as soon as I am done.

"Not funny"

"No but very hot"

"Stop calling me hot"

"Okay sorry little miss 'I know I'm hot because I get told every 5 minutes but I'm gonna act like I'm not'"

"How are you cool?" I say sarcastically.

"Here have a hairband" He says holding his wrist out to me. I see a few really faint scars but I choose not to say anything. I take the hair band off his wrist and tie my hair into a messy bun on top of my head.

"You're the weirdest person I've ever met."

"Wow your first compliment to me"

"Who else carries my clothes in the back of their car and has a supply of hairbands around their wrist?"

"Someone who is on a mission"

"And late" I add

"They're gonna kill me"

"If you're taking me home you just missed the turning to my road"

"Shit" he curses immediately doing a U-turn in the middle of the road. Thank god for no traffic.

"Is your mission to kill me?" I laugh, gripping the door handle. I can't wait to get out this car.

"I'd tell you-"

"But then you'd have to kill me right?"

"But we're here" he laughs stopping the car and getting out.

I look down my street, there are a lot of cars parked along the pavement and some unfamiliar ones on Taylor's driveway as well as my own.

Jake runs around to my side and opens the door for me, helping me out. Not that I need help. It's the thought that counts.

Jake does a strange knock on my front door and then opens it. If he knew it was unlocked then what was the point in knocking?

Jake pulls me inside the dark house. Immediately, the lights flick on and a sea of friendly faces come into view.


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