Chapter 11

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| Chapter 11

Valerie jumped over the truck landing next to the zombie who was raising Enrie's arm to its mouth. She slammed the corner of the sign into its head, slicing through its cheek until it hit bone. The zombie fell to the ground flailing its arms. Ernie got up, and ran back into the truck working the gas as he turned the key.

"Come on baby!"

Ernie saw Ron was having a tough time keeping the zombies at bay on his side. Valerie was fighting off a few that had come around the back of the truck. He pushed the gas pedal down, pumping it as he cranked the key, and the engine just barely turned over.

"Get in the back you two!"

He saw them jump into his truck then slammed the shifter into reverse and pressed down on the gas pedal. The truck lurched and raced backwards knocking zombies onto Valerie and Ron. Valerie grabbed them and threw them off the truck like unwanted decorative pillows.

"Thanks!" Ron shouted.

Ernie hit the brakes,  shifted into drive, and turned toward the road. The problem was, there was now a large horde of zombies in his way. The few who had gotten caught on the tailgate were climbing back into the truck as it pulled away, but it didn't get far. Ernie's truck slammed into the huge group knocking most away but his front tires got stuck on a few and the vehicle slid to a stop. Ernie shifted into reverse and gunned it, trying to turn away from the horde, but they were everywhere and his back tired were chocked with abdomens, arms, and legs of the implanted. The truck shuddered to a stop again. Ernie yelled back to Ron and Valerie.

"I'm going to try again but there's so many of them. I'm not sure I can drive through them and get us out of this!"

Before either passenger could reply Ernie screamed "Hold on!" and gunned his engine. He blew through bodies, his gas pedal slammed all the way down. The old truck's motor roared like a wild beast as it smashed through zombies, but it wasn't enough.

Ron thought fast. He hated to ask it of Valerie, but he couldn't think of another way. He knew his guns wouldn't be enough.

"I'm going to try and clear a way. Valerie, you've got to protect me as I shoot them down."

She looked uncertain, but shook her head in agreement.

"Ernie you just do what you can to get us out of here."

"I'll try anything kid. Do it!"

"Okay, hand me back that shotgun."

Valerie stood up and got ready, gripping her stop sign. Already two were crawling into the truck bed. One on her side, and one pulling itself up over the tailgate.

"Hurry up Ron!" she said, then she took a swing, knocking the zombie to her right off the truck and into an approaching group. They fell to the pavement giving Valerie an idea. She looked over at Ron who was lifting the shotgun to his shoulder.

"Hold on! Let me try something."

Ron pulled back the gun with much hesitation and gave her a desperate look.

She took a step toward the zombie that had its waist past the tailgate and slammed the stop sign down on its head. It stopped crawling towards them. She dropped the sign, bent down, picked up the zombie lifting it over her head, then turned around and chucked him into the group in front of the truck as hard as she could. They fell away with a violent burst.

"Go Ernie! Go go go!"

She turned to Ron.

"How about you protect me?"

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