Chapter 13

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| Chapter 13

In the truck the two guys fidgeted. Ron kept mumbling about the things he was worried about. After a while Ernie ran out of comforting things to say and they rode in silence. Then Ron started tapping on the dashboard until he saw Ernie looking over at him. He stopped.

"Sorry, I'm just..."

"I know kid. Me too. I'm gripping the wheel pretty tight over here."

Then their ride became more interesting and stressful. They started seeing them again. The crazy ones. The injected people who weren't really people anymore who wanted nothing more than to obey the tiny computer brains inside them telling them to spread to another human so they could help them by making them strong and heal any disease that plagued their frail body. The nanotechnology was just here to help the humans. Help all of them.

Ernie kept the truck's speed at a good clip and they were able to avoid them at first but then some of them started chasing the truck.

"I think we've got a problem buddy," Ernie said.

"I'll take care of them. I wish we had a rifle."

"Yeah that's one thing we'll be sure to get at our next stop."

"For sure. And I still have a lot of ammo for a nice pair of Glocks."

"Yeah that'd be nice."

Ron took off his seatbelt and turned around. He grabbed the shotgun from the seat between them then pulled open the back window. There were three of the things gaining on them quick. Ron raised the gun to his shoulder. Ernie switched to driving with his left hand and used his right to plug his ear.

"We should pick up some ear plugs too!" he said.

"Yeah good idea."

He aimed at the nearest one's chest and squeezed the trigger.

Ernie jumped. The sound was so loud in the truck cab.

"Did you get him?"

"One down two to go."

He squeezed the trigger again. The shot spread from the barrel of his gun until it collided with the zombie in the chest and head. The zombie fell backward and slid on its head for several feet until it came to a bloody stop.

"Oh no!" Ron yelled.

"What's the matter," Ernie started but then he felt the bed of his truck bounce as a zombie landed inside it.

"Kill it! Kill it!"

Ron shot the zombie in the chest trying to push it out of the truck with his shot hitting as much body surface as possible. The zombie fell backward hitting its head on the tailgate.

"Ernie looked back."

"Wait! Don't shoot my truck. Wait for it to get up again. Another shot should do it."

The zombie stood and Ron shot it again. It fell back over the tailgate but grabbed it on its way down. Then it started pulling itself back into the truck bed.

"Is it gone?"

"No it's climbing back in."

"Shoot it again!"

"That's my plan dude."

"I know. I know."

Ron looked down the barrel of the shotgun and waited for the zombie to show himself as a good target. The he shot him again. One of the zombie's arms fell limp and he fell back out of the truck but once again held on as his legs were dragged on the rough road surface.

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