Chapter 6

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| Chapter 6

Ron thought the place was creepy before, but now as he ran he saw the pale faces of scientists clad in white coats as they raced past like floating ghouls appearing in the light then fading away. It did bad things to his stomach, but Valerie’s hand clutching his as she trailed behind him gave him the strength he needed to push forward. He turned right down the hall once they passed through the door of the lab. He ran harder with no obstacles in his path. He kept his bulky flashlight on the walls so he could count the doors as they flew past, the light briefly shining into the rooms revealing more scientists crouching and shielding their eyes. Valerie would have had no problem keeping up with him before, but now with her nanotechnology enhanced body she wasn’t even breathing hard as Ron ran as fast as he could. She held onto his hand like a lifeline guiding her through the blackness.

They came to a door that was different from the others. It was made of metal and had a huge handle that Ron reached out and turned. He tried pulling but couldn't get it open.

"Is it locked?" Valerie asked.

"It shouldn't be, I cut the power. I bet the power helps open the door because it's so heavy. Can you help me out here?"

Valerie nodded.

"Here, hold my flashlight."

She stepped forward and grabbed the handle. She pulled and it swung open slowly but with little effort.

"I thought you were incredible before," Ron said under his breath.

"What was that?"

"I said that was incredible. Nice work."

"Thanks. Okay do your stuff so we can get out of here. This place gives me the creeps."

"Right. Here take this."

He handed her flashlight back and dashed into the room.

"Oh baby! This is what I'm talking about!"

The small room was filled with weapons. A couple dozen were hanging on the wall and below them was a huge cabinet with broad drawers labeled with the ammunition they held inside. Ron grabbed a G21 and released its magazine. It slid out revealing that the gun was fully loaded with thirteen .45 caliber bullets. This was a Glock Ron knew a lot of policeman swear by. He grabbed three more pistols off the wall and stuffed them into his pockets. Then he pulled open the drawer labeled .45 and inside were twelve magazines already loaded with ammo. Ron began putting them into his pockets. Beneath them sat box after box of ammo.

"Here, put as many of these boxes of bullets in your pockets as you can carry. They're pretty heavy but I guess that won't be a problem for you."

"Okay. These lab coats sure are coming in handy."


Ron looked around. There was a rack to the left of the cabinet with six shotguns standing tall. He grabbed one and handed it to Valerie.

"Here, take this."

"I don't want a gun."

"I know, it's for Ernie."

"Oh, okay."

She leaned it against the counter and continued stowing boxes of ammo into her lab coat pockets.

Ron found the drawer labeled shotgun shells and loaded his pockets with the boxes inside until the weight was almost more than he could hold and still run. He loaded the shotgun with 6 shells including one in the chamber and looked over at Valerie. Her lab coat pockets were bulging with the corners of the ammo boxes.

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