Chapter 14

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| Chapter 14

It didn't take long for them to come across more zombies on the road. They had to cut through most of the town to get back to the highway that would lead them to the forest where Nanotech solutions facility was hidden underground. At first Ernie was able to do some maneuvering to avoid the zombies in the road, but after a while he and Ron were afraid they would get a hold of the truck and start doing some damage to it. Ron laid out several pre-filled rifle magazines to his left on the truck bench seat. Then he rolled down his window. He put the rifle nose out through the window then resting it on his shoulder.

"Good idea. It will be a lot easier to avoid these things if they're lying still on the ground instead of chasing after us."

"That's what I was thinking," Ron said as he eased the stock of the rifle into his shoulder. He looked through the scope and saw that down the road a zombie was walking around in their lane. He aimed for the head and squeeze the trigger. The zombie fell back and wriggled around but didn't get up so Ernie avoided it with ease. As far as traffic went there were very few cars out on the road. Ron and Ernie made a good team, but most people were sure to become zombies if they drove out in these conditions with so many of the changed brainless people wandering around town now. They weren't covering as much ground as Ron would have liked, but then he wished that they were already there saving Valerie from that horrible place.

He understood why Ernie was driving this way though. If he was at the wheel they probably would have already crashed into the ditch. Ernie was going as fast as he felt he could while still maintaining a slow enough speed to be able to quickly avoid zombies in the road. Ronald guessed it would be pretty hard to flip a large truck like this but, easy to steer it off the road if you had to turn quickly while traveling at the normal highway speeds. He kept his eye in the scope and continued to look or more zombies down the road.

Another one heard them coming. Ron saw it look up and over. It was a fat man who moved entirely too quickly for his build. The site made Ron shiver even after all he had seen. It just looked so unnatural to him that it made him a little queasy. Then he aimed for the zombie's head expecting to Miss since the zombie was lumbering toward them, his head moving up and down. But when he squeezed the trigger he hit him right between the eyes and the large zombie fell rolling off the road into the ditch.

"Dang boy, what do you do in your free time? Practice for marksmanship competitions or something? That was quite the shot man."

"I know. I didn't think that I was going to hit him, but I wanted to try for a headshot before aiming for his gut. I just can't seem to miss for some reason and we have a lot of ammo but with all of these zombies out here let's just say I don't want to run out."

"Yeah, me either."

Their little road trip went on like this for a while and even though Ernie set a slow pace it was pretty consistent with Ron taking out zombies that would have been in their way. Ernie was slowing down a lot less now but he still kept it at a steady safe speed. He knew it would be better to get there by then to get bitten by a zombie and turned into one because of a wreck. Then all of the sudden a zombie came sprinting up a side street headed for Ron's window. Ron looking through the scope but did not see it, but the motion caught Ernie's eye.

"Ron look out! To your right coming in quick, real close!"

Without thinking much about it Ron took his eye off the scope, looked over, saw that the zombie would be on him in a second, and instead of trying to aim the unwieldy rifle through the window he pushed it all of the way out and flipped it around slamming the butt of the rifle into the zombie's head expecting to at least slow the zombie down to give Ron enough time to shoot it as it stumbled behind the truck. Instead of zombie's head snapped back with a sickening crunch and it fell to the side of the road unable to get up.

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