Chapter 10

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| Chapter 10

Valerie ran out of the store.

"What was all that shooting about?"

She saw the bloody zombie on the ground by Ron's feet.


Ernie looked back at her.

"There's more."

He flicked his head past the truck in the direction of the small zombie horde. Valerie looked up and saw several zombies bumbling towards them.

"Okay, Valerie I need you to rip the hose off of this pump so we can siphon gas from that semi truck."

"Okay," Valerie said.

She grabbed the gas hose and gave it a tug as hard as she could. It ripped off the top of the pump.

"Great. Now rip off the nozzle."

She grabbed it and held the end of the hose tight then tore the nozzle off with ease.

"Awesome!" Ernie said. The zombies were now ten feet away.

"Now, push me to that big semi over there. Ron try and hold these guys off for us will you?"

Ron nodded and watched them roll toward the semi. The zombies were close now. Close enough to make Ron start backing away towards the store. He wanted to lour them away from the others, but he wouldn't be getting himself stuck in the store with no exit. As he backed up he planned to head around the store and aimed his pistols towards the few zombies that had turned towards the truck. He pulled the triggers. He hit one in the leg just below the knee. It crashed onto the pavement. The one next to it was given the gift of three new holes in its abdomen. It staggered, and then turned toward Ron and started stumbling towards him. The sound was attracting most of them to him, but one still followed the truck. Ron aimed for her legs and shot. Two holes blossomed in the back on her thigh sending her to the ground. He kept shooting as he walked backwards towards the store. As his back hit the store window he noticed that most of the zombies would be right next to a couple of the gas pumps in a moment if they kept coming towards him. It gave him an idea. He ran into the store.

At the semi truck Ernie told Valerie how to help him.

"Here's the gas tank door. Pull it off."

Valerie pulled it off with ease and tossed it to the ground. Ernie stuffed the tube down into the gas tank.

"On second thought, and you rip off a small length for me?"

Valerie ripped a couple feet of hose off the end and handed it to Ernie.


He grabbed the end of the hose and popped it into the gas tank of his truck. Then he shoved the small section into the semi truck gas tank next to the longer section of hose. He ripped part of his shirt off and wrapped it around the small hose, then put his mouth to it and blew as hard as he could. Gas started to flow into his truck.

"Hey it's working!" Valerie said.

"Yes it is. How's Ron doing?"

Valerie looked over but didn't see Ron anywhere. She did see the small horde heading into the store.

"Where's Ron?"

Ernie looked over.

"He must be in the store. I wonder what he's doing. He better not get himself stuck in there."

"I'm going to go make sure he's okay."

"You sure? He must of had a plan. Maybe if we just wait a minute we'll see what he's up to."

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