Chapter 4

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| Chapter 4

“So that’s how you know each other. Small world. My name’s Ernie. I used to be the janitor here until I saw something I wasn’t supposed too. Now they’re keeping me in here so I can’t leak news to anyone outside about what’s been going on in here.”

“And just what has been going on in here?” Valerie said. Before they could answer her she went on to tell them a short version of how she had come to the strange place. She left out the part about throwing the rock at the man and how she could easily win any race in a men’s Olympics event now.”

“Yeah that same guy tried to bite me,” Ron said.

“But he didn’t?” Valerie asked.

“No, I shot him in the arm that was pulling me towards his mouth and ran for it, then the robot snatched me up and brought me here with the man that bit you.”

“Okay, so we’ve told our stories. Now please tell me what is going on.”

“That man, was the very first human that the scientists here have implanted with their nanotechnology. It’s meant to heal the body of any injury or illness, but also enhance the body.”

“Like someone with this nanotech stuff could maybe run really fast?”

“Yes, and have incredible strength. I saw that man break down a steel door, and run down the corridor like he was riding a motorcycle. So yeah, super speed too.”

“I guess I do have that stuff in me. I haven’t been feeling normal ever since that guy bit me. Really warm and itchy, but on the inside. Under my skin like in my muscles or something.”

“That’s the nanotech working it’s way through your body,” Ernie said.

“So why haven’t I gone crazy like him?”

“I don’t know, but it seems your brain is fine. What makes you say that you do have the nanotechnology in you?” Ernie said.

“Well I kind of left out the part about running half a mile in like 46 seconds. The men’s world record is like 50 seconds slower than that and I wasn’t even tired.”

“They’re going to be keeping a close eye on you,” Ernie said. “You could be like the key to their technology working without having negative effects. I think all these people in this cell between us were bitten by that man too, but they turned into zombies type creatures like he did. They’re all in a medically induced coma. So how did you get them to bring you in here? I’m really surprised they did.”

“I made one of the scientists feel sorry for me. First I got him to give me a pillow, then he had me moved into here so I wouldn’t have to stay strapped to a table.”

Ernie chuckled.

“Well done. You women and your charms. My late wife could get out of getting a speeding ticket every time.”

“I’m glad you’re with us,” Ron said. “So, do you think you have super strength too?”

“I don’t know,” Valerie said.

“She does if she can run that fast,” Ernie said.

“Try bending the bars. Maybe you can get out of here.”

“Yeah right, that robot would probably find me and then I’d be back on that table again.”

“But we’ve got to get you out of here,” Ron said.

“The kid’s right young lady. We do need to get out of here. If you can get us through these bars, I think I can get us up to my truck. I have living quarters here and if we can get to some lab coats I bet we could just walk on over. Have you seen these scientist work? They’re totally absorbed, especially now with all that has happened.”

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