Chapter 12

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| Chapter 12

"Is there somewhere we can hide Valerie? She the one they're really after." Ernie said to Dr. Harmon.

Dr. Harmon's eyebrows raised as an idea struck him.

"Yes! In my closet behind the door. It has a lock on it and if we leave the door open they're not likely to look there right away. I designed it to be kind of hidden so most people wouldn't notice it unless they were really looking."

"Which they will be but it might just buy us enough time to destroy what they sent and get out of here before they send more. That's good. Valerie, hurry. Get in that closet."

"I'm not leaving her side," Ron said."

"Fine you get in there with her just go!" Ernie said.

Just then distant gunfire erupted coming from the entrance gate to the facility. The room grew silent as everyone strained to listen. Valerie grabbed Ron's arm and followed it down to his hand. He closed his fingers over hers and she leaned into him.

"Thanks for being here with me. It means a lot."

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you Valerie."

"That's sweet. Thank you Ron, but you heard them. There's five of those things coming for us."

"Well hopefully the guards can take care of them."

"Ron you know they're going to get in here, but before they do I just wanted to say thank you."

"Yeah you already..."

But before Ron could finish his sentence he felt Valerie reach up with her free hand and turn his head towards her. She leaned in closer and he could feel her breath on his face. Then, she kissed him. It started out as a sweet little thank you kiss, but before Ron knew what he was doing he shifted his body toward her and pressed into her. Their lips parted and they kissed each other deeper. Then a loud bang made both of them jump and pull away from each other.

"Shh," Valerie shushed while pressing her hand against Ron's chest to get him to relax and sit back. Ernie's muffled voice came from the other side of the closet door.

"Doc you hide somewhere. There's no use in you getting hurt. I have a gun. I'll do what I can."

They listened and heard the sound again but this time it was followed by a loud bang as the door to Dr. Harmon's office crashed to the floor. Ron pulled away from Valerie and silently pulled the two pistols from his pockets.

Ernie lifted his shotgun and aimed just below the head of the first robot coming in the door then pulled the trigger. It kept walking but soon lost balance and fell into Dr. Harmon's desk cracking it all the way through. Dr. Harmon let out a scream as he looked up at his broken desk. It looked like he was holding and he was too terrified to crawl out into the open so he stayed put. All the while shaking and holding his legs against his chest trying to hold still and calm down. It didn't work.

Three more robots barged in. Ernie kept shooting. He hit another robot damaging its head but not enough to stop it. Before he could get off another shot the robot knocked the gun out of Ernie's hand and grabbed him.

"Where is the girl?" it said in a loud monotone voice.

"What girl? Ah!"

Ernie screamed in pain.

"Scan the room," the robot holding Ernie said to the other robots.

As they turned using several sensors including heat vision they detected Ron and Valerie in the closet. As the nearest robot opened the door Ron yelled to Valerie.

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