Chapter 8

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| Chapter 8

"His name is Dr. Harmon," Ron said.

"Yeah, and look there's the address to his new facility," Valerie said.

"Where is that? I don't recognize that address," Ron said.

"It's between here and the city." Ernie said.

"Print out a map since we don't have our phones," Ron said.

"Oh good idea," Valerie said.

"Ah, I can find it," Ernie said.

"I think we should still print off directions. I hate not knowing where I'm going, and we might run into someone from NS again,” Ron said.

“Okay. Here’s my last quarter. You’d better hurry before that huge timer in the corner runs out,” Ernie said.

“I know, that thing’s annoying isn’t it? I would hurry if this ancient machine would let me,” Valerie said.

As Valerie went through the screens to print the document, a man at the front of the diner started yelling at Miss Joe. It was the same big mean guy that Ernie didn’t recognize.

“You kids get this printed and I’ll met you in the truck,” Ernie said.

“Where are you going?” Ron said.

“No one talks to Miss Joe like that.”

Ernie walked up to the bar and the guy turned and started right in on him.

“What’s your problem buddy?”

“No one talks to Miss Joe like that. If you’ve got a problem, you can take it somewhere else. The door is right there.”

The man got up from his stool.

“You should have ordered another stack of her crap cakes and stayed back on the other side.”

“That’s it. I was trying to be reasonable, but you just insulted her famous blueberry pancakes.”

“Oh, what are you going to do about..."

Ernie punched him square in the face, knocking him back into the bar. His coffee mug slid off the bar shattering onto the floor.

The man put his hand to his face, then spit red onto the ground. He lurched forward, grabbed Ernie’s shirt and pulled him off his feet into his fist. He let Ernie fall to the ground and laughed through his bloody lips when Ernie didn’t get up.

“Hey!” Valerie screamed. “He’s my ride!”

She ran up to the man and kicked him in the stomach. He grunted in surprise and bent down, holding his arm out towards Valerie to keep her away. She lifted her own arm and brought it down on his. Everyone heard it snap.

The restaurant went silent. The man fell, holding his broken arm that bent the wrong way screaming like a child. Ron stuffed the map in his pocket and ran over to Valerie whose face had turned white. She looked like she was about to puke.

“I didn’t mean to break his arm,” she said.

“I know. Let’s get out of here! Help me get Ernie okay? Valerie? Valerie!”

She swung her head towards Ron, keeping her eyes on the man with the broken arm. Then slowly her eyes followed and met his.

“Help me get Ernie to the truck.”


They pulled him to his feet. He was conscious but needed the help. Valerie grabbed him under the arms and lifted him easily. Ron grabbed his legs. They carried him out to the truck, got him up in the seat, closed the door, and hopped in on the other side.

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