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"poor little rich girl"

"Kallista, a moment?" My grandfather called out from his study

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"Kallista, a moment?" My grandfather called out from his study.

I was currently sitting on one of our luxurious furnitures by the parlor just outside his study reading today's book. It was Dark Arts today.

Our family, the Emrys, never shied away from such topics. We believe that not all Dark Magic is bad. You simply had to have an open mind in understanding how it works.

"Kallista?" He called again sounding less patient.

I quickly finish the page I was currently reading and closed the old leather bound book. "Coming, Grandfather." Placing the book on the side table, I stand, back straight, poised like how a high society pure blood should be like- how my mother was like- and dust off my already immaculate dress.

My grandfather's study is impeccably pristine and fashioned in an old rich Victorian era way. Dark wood and floor to ceiling book shelves stocked with leather bound books that look older than my grandfather.

That's saying something seeing as my grandfather is like a hundred years old.

I knock making sure I remember my manners. My grandfather looks up from his work, a small smile on his face.

"Sit, my little one. We have much to discuss." My grandfather and I are the last of the Emrys'. A very strong and powerful pure blood wizarding family. The Emrys' are known for being the descendants of Merlin himself. In fact- a portrait of Merlin was currently looking down at my grandfather and I right at this moment. "How are you coming along with your reading?"

I take a seat at one of the dark leather furnitures he has across his massive ebony wood table. "Half way through." It's my turn to give him a smile.

Once a week for as long as I could read, my grandfather would assign me a book from his collection. By the end of that week, he would test me about it. He always says that knowledge and wisdom are one of life's true treasures. "Is Latin difficult for you?" He asks teasingly.

I resist the urge to roll my eyes playfully like I would have done if I was teasing with Blaise Zabini or Draco Malfoy. "Never. I was taught by the best."

My grandfather flashes me a wide grin. Just then, a barn owl swoops in from an open window and drops a letter into my hands. "Ah, just in time."

I look down to my lap, my hands clutching the letter. It was definitely not a letter from Daphne Greengrass telling me about her summer holiday in an exotic island nor was it a letter from Balise Zabini about his trip to Italy.

"Open it, little one." He tells me with an encouraging smile.

I return the smile knowing well from the red seal that this letter was my acceptance to Hogwarts.


Turns out, the letter was from Hogwarts and not a letter from Draco who I was waiting a reply from about our next adventure to Diagon Alley to get the new brooms.

I didn't have to wait long however because not a minute after opening and gushing about my acceptance letter to my grandfather, Draco Malfoy had floo'd in to our Manor with his mother right beside him.

"Kally!" We hear him shout from our parlor.

My grandfather shakes his head at this. A repressed smile on his lips. We make our way out of the study as we hear Narcissa Malfoy shush Draco.

"I do apologize Mister Emrys for flooing in unannounced. Draco just received his letter from Hogwarts and couldn't wait to tell Kallista." Mrs. Malfoy says looking abashed. After all, not many can simply come to the Emrys Manor to the house of Kal Emrys.

My grandfather puts a hand up. "Please, Narcissa, call me Kal. It's a pleasure to have you both here. Kallista also just received her letter and I'm positive she was just about to get Draco."

I really was just about to get him. I flash Draco a wide grin which he mirrors before standing beside me and taking my hand in his.

Narcissa smiles at the sight of us. Leaning down she gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, Kallista, you're growing more beautiful everyday."

I couldn't fight the blush that stained my cheeks at the statement. It wasn't everyday that Narcissa Malfoy complimented another person.

The Malfoy's were a close family friend of the Emrys'. For as long as I can remember, Draco and I have been friends. I'd like to say we were forced into our friendship but really from birth we had hit it off almost immediately.

We had other friends too. Mostly from the pure blood community. Daphne Greengrass for example, my best friend. Another best friend, Blaise Zabini, his mum and my mum were best of friends. They were absolutely inseparable when my mum was still alive. Blaise' mum now steps in as my mum. Then, Theodore Nott, Draco's best mate.

"Draco, I hardly recognized you. Are you sure you're only eleven? I almost mistook you for Lucius." At the great Kal Emrys' words Draco almost looks to be puffing his chest out proudly.

Narcissa beams happily at Draco and places a hand on his shoulder her other hand stroking my cheek.

"Now, let's leave these two to chat, shall we? Would you like some tea, Narcissa?" My grandfather offers towards the parlor where already a house elf was placing biscuits and tea on the small glass table.

Draco and I share a look before hurrying out of the parlor to the in door garden where we usually go to when he visits.

Hand in hand, we dash for the seats that we like laughing as we did.

When we get to our spot, there were already an assortment of sandwiches and sweets on the table along with an arrangement of fruit juices.

Finally seated and munching on our snacks, manners never forgotten, Draco digs into his pocket and passes me his Hogwarts acceptance letter.

I pass him mine and we both smile. "Oh, Draco, this is amazing! We'll be going to school together."

He nods approvingly. "I can't wait. It's gonna be brilliant."

"Don't worry Draco, I'll like you even if you're sorted in Hufflepuff." I tease him taking a bite of my sandwich.

Draco scrunches up his face in disgust. "Never mind about you liking me, I'd drop out of Hogwarts if I'm sorted there."

"What if I'm sorted in Hufflepuff?" I pout and look down my lap pretending that I'm hurt.

Draco laughs loudly almost slapping the table in the process. "You're an Emrys and you're simply not kind enough."

I gasp. "What do you mean I'm not kind enough? I'm nicer than you Draco Malfoy!"

"To be fair, I think everyone is nicer than me." Draco says with a shrug. "But if you do get sorted and become a Puff- I'd definitely still like you."

"Well, we are friends forever." I tell him matter of factly.

"Of course. Without a doubt. Malfoy-Emrys all the way." He says in agreement.

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