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"we are not afraid"

At our first flying lesson, Draco and I couldn't help the smiles on our faces

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At our first flying lesson, Draco and I couldn't help the smiles on our faces. Flying and Quidditch was one of the things we shared fiery passion for. Blaise and Theo liked it but Draco and I had a deeper connection to the sport. Daphne, being a lady of high standing was not allowed near a broom. Instead, she watched us from the sides. Greg and Vince might be the sweetest boys in the world to me but for them Quidditch was a free pass to hurt people with little consequence. They would be excellent Beaters in the future.

Madam Hooch stood before us looking confident and radiant. It must be being able to fly all day everyday.

She instructs us for the first few minutes. Madam Hooch mostly focused on the basics which we already knew and by the time she was done, Draco and I were close to combusting from excitement.

We stood beside old school brooms. I silently prayed to Merlin they still worked because by the looks of it, it was close to a organized pile of twigs than an actual broom.

"Well this looks like a pile of rubbish." Blaise comments with a smirk.

Theo chuckles beside him kicking the broom to test if it would split apart by the action.

Draco's smile turns venomous as he spots his favorite punching bag. "I suppose for people like Weasley this twig is a Nimbus 2000 compared to what he owns."

Laughter from the Slytherins broke out and Weasley flushes red with embarrassment because it was probably true. I felt bad for him despite his actions towards me and didn't laugh with my housemates.

"That's if he even owns a broom." Theo adds smiling but his eyes were cold and predatory. He still hasn't forgiven Weasley for what he's done.

"How can he? It's probably worth more than what his family makes in a month." Blaise charmingly adds. He flashes Weasley a grin that could make a Veela swoon.

I don't comment. It wasn't his fault money was tight. I took pity on his father's wallet suddenly.

Potter meets my eye and he's startled when he doesn't see anger in them. He turns to Draco and tells him to sod off. The Slytherins just laugh again.

Don't get me wrong. Any other day I would join my housemates but- the size of my Gringotts vault wasn't something I wanted to flaunt like this. Especially to someone like Weasley who had nothing to his name.

Madam Hooch shushes the group and tells us how to call for the brooms.

I put my hand out and without even needing to say 'Up' it comes to my hand. Draco and Potter call for them and it instantly jumps to their hands.

Did I mention that I want to be a professional Quidditch player? Because I do. My grandfather would never approve though.

Draco shoots me a grin which I return.

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