CHAPTER 2 That's Not Kevin

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It was Friday. The day I was dreading all week. I actually had to come face to face with Kacey. Uggh!! I hate her, she disgusts me. It was 6:00pm so I had to get ready to head over to Scott and Mitch's. I had been in my pj's all day so I had to get in the shower before I went over there.

I walked in the shower and made the water blazing hot. It stung a little at first but then I got used to it. I let the water relax my muscles and to calm me down. When I got out I shook the water out of my hair.

I wasn't wearing a beanie over there so I brushed my hair down. Geez, I sound like a girl getting ready... I threw on my gray v-neck some dark skinny jeans and some black loafers. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door, antsy. What was gonna happen when I got over there? What was gonna happen if we couldn't stop arguing?

I hopped in my car and started driving towards the house. I was feeling a little hot so I let down my window. I made sure that I took the longer route to get to Scott and Mitch's house. It was gonna be a long night.


As I walked towards the door to the boys' house I wondered who was already going to be there and what we were gonna do. I hesitantly knocked on the door and was greeted by Kirstie.

"Hey Kacey!!"

"Kirstie!!? Oh my god look at you!! Youre so pretty!"

"Oh my god you look hot!"

We laughed for a minute and gave each other a hug.

"C'mon in girl, Scott and Mitch are in there watching Spongebob."

I walked in and the  fresh scent of fall hit my nose. I loved the fall season with all the leaves changing colors and being able to wear warm clothes and snuggle up under the covers.

Scott and Mitch were sitting on the couch watching Spongebob like Kirstie said they were. I decided I should just tease them a bit.

"Well since you guys are obviously to concerned if Spongebob put pickles on the Krabby Patty or not, I think I'll just leave..."

They turned around and they both got wide eyes. It was really weird how they both did that at the same time, but it was still funny.

"Kacey!!!" They both screamed.

They both tackled me on the floor and started hugging me. I laughed and tried to push them off of me but I was too weak.

"Guys I....cant.....breathe!"

"Oh sorry." Scott said.

They got off me and we walked to the couch to finish watching  Spongebob. Scott nudged me and I turned towards him.


"When the doorbell rings can you answer it? It's probably going to be Kevin."

"Yea sure."

About 30 minutes went by and the doorbell rang. I walked towards the door and looked out the window and saw a black audi. I didn't know who's car it was but Scott said that it should be Kevin. I opened the door and came face to face with Avi.


Sorry this update is so short but I'm getting there!




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