CHAPTER 12 Reunited

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It's 3:30 right now and I'm only five minutes away from the airport. I love my brother so much and I can't wait to see him. I'm totally gonna be asking him some questions.

I arrived at the airport and saw Luke standing outside with his headphones plugged in. When he saw me he smiled and pulled his black suitcase behind him. I popped the trunk open for him so he could put it back there. He ran around the car to get in and immediately hugged me.

"Hey Kacey."

"Hey little bro!" I said messing up his hair.

"Hey! Hey! Lay off the hair!" He said fixing it. "It took me half a jar of pomade to do this."

"You kids these days, always worried about your hair."

"Sorry that I'm so hot and all the girls like me. Gotta look good for the ladies!" He said winking at himself in the mirror.

"Yea keep telling yourself that kid."

We were driving down the road and I remembered to tell him about Mr.Downey.

"You coming with me to my college tomorrow because afterwards were getting coffee with a professor. "

"You must think he's hot!" He laughed.

"What makes you think that? "

"Why else would you say yes?"

"Shutup." I said.

"Has he tried any moves on you?" He said seriously.


"Good, I'll beat his ass if he does."

"Luke! Watch your mouth."

"Sorry." He chuckled.

We continued our ride back to my house and all I could think about was him and Avi seeing each other. Avi was probably still at rehearsals. I guess I could invite him over so he could see Luke.

We got to my house and walked through the door,

"Cool place."

"Thanks, it's not just my house though."

"Oh okay."

I was surprised he didn't ask who's house it was. But I'm also glad that he didn't do it.

"If you want something to eat there's food in the fridge."

"Can we order pizza?"

"In a little while, yes."

I went upstairs for a little while to work on some papers that I needed to turn in. I was only up there for about an hour. But when I came back down, Luke was asleep. I mean he was knocked out! Probably just jet lag.

I decided I would text Avi to tell him that Luke was here.

Me: hey Luke is here.

Avi: that's great! How about you meet me at my house so we can catch up?

Me: ok r u at home yet?

Avi: I'll be there in 5 mins

Me: ok bye

Avi: bye

I walked over to Luke and shook his shoulder a little.


"Yea, im woke."

"Good. C'mon, there's someone that wants to see you."

"Who?" He asked.

"Its a surprise. Let's go."

We got in the car and drove toward Avi's house. When we got there the door was already unlocked. I walked in and Luke walked in behind me.

"Sit down Luke, I'll be right back."

I walked in the kitchen and talked quietly to Avi.

"Is he out there?" He asked.

"Yea c'mon."

I walked out of the kitchen and Avi walked out behind me. Luke looked up and looked shocked.

"OH MY GOD!!!! AVI!!!" he screamed.

He sprung of the couch and pulled Avi in a hug. I was so happy that they got to see each other again. Luke started crying.

"I can't believe I haven't seen you in 4 years! I've missed you so much! You were like the older brother I never had."

"Hey I missed you too buddy." He said rubbing his back.

Avi started crying too.


I was so excited that I finally got to see him. I started crying. I missed this kid so much. He's not even a kid anymore! He's frickin fifteen. That's crazy.

"Hey don't worry, maybe we can hang out today. We can have some guy time like old times ok?"


"What time is it? 4:30. We can go get a snack or something then come back here and order pizza. Sound good?"

"Dude it sounds great!"

I told Kacey that we wouldn't be long and she said it was fine.

Luke and I walked out of the door ready to start our bro-ship again.

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