CHAPTER 11 New Friends and Hot Teachers

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(I saw this pic on pintrest and thought it was cute! So this is what Kacey is wearing. ♡)


The annoying alarm clock sounded at 5:30 am. I needed to make sure that I got to the college early so I could get my schedule and find my classes easy. My phone lit up and I checked it.

Avi: sorry for texting u so early but I hope your first day at the new college goes easy. And I hope u have a great day! :)

I decided to text him back.

Me: thanks Avi! Youre so sweet.

Avi: yea...I cant help it.

Me: look whos getting big headed :)

Avi: who? u?

Me: oh shutup!

Avi: I'll ttyl, get ready for school!

Me: yes mom!

I left the chat and hopped out of the bed. I needed to go in the shower and wash my hair. I turned the water on hot and stepped in. I grabbed the apple shampoo and washed my hair thoroughly.  I made sure to massage my scalp.

I washed my body and dried my hair then came out of the bathroom. I turned on my blow dryer to get any extra wetness out of my hair. I brushed my long hair down and made it straight. I decided to leave it down.

I put my clothes on and made my way downstairs. Scömiche was still asleep so I decided to leave a note for them. I grabbed a banana and walked out of the door. Avi got the car fixed so I wouldn't have to take the bus. I drove for about 30 minutes and I saw the HUGE college. There was no way I was going to find all of my classes by myself.

I walked to the office to get my schedule.

"Hi, I'm here to recieve my schedule."

The man looked up at me and smiled. He was gorgeous! He had messsy brown hair and brown eyes! And to top it off he had a killer smile and dimples!

"Sure! What's your name?" He asked politely.

"Kacey Schmidt"

(Please forgive me if I said a different name at the beginning of the story. If I did her name is kacey schmidt now.)

"Kacey Schmidt, oh, here you are." He said handing me my schedule.


Jesus christ those eyes were killing me!

"If you would like I could give you a tour around the school and show you where your classes are."

"I would like that."

He got up from his desk and walked around towards me. He lead me out of the office and started my tour.

"Everything is organized here at Secman College. The hallways are only one certain subject, so you should find your classes easily after I show you where they are."

He showed me the cafe and the cafeteria, the library,  music room, and other places.

"And this is my class."

"You're a teacher?" I asked.


Dang it....

"Why did you say dang it?" He said smirking.

I said that out loud?

"Yes, you did. Why did you say it?"

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