22: Cheating

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22: Cheating

Harry’s POV

Everyone lets out a giant sigh as we enter our house.

“WE ARE HOME!” Louis yells while hopping over the couch with Eleanor and snuggling in with her. Forgetting about his bags Zayn and Liam are carrying for him, he switches on the T.V. Sam and Niall disappear up the stairs while everyone settles in. I set my suitcase down and jog up the stairs after Sam, but her door shuts in front of my face before I could stop her. Ouch. Maybe all she needs is a little alone time? I really want to help her though. I want to hold her and tell her everything is okay. I haven’t held her in a while. It was always Zayn who held her in the hospital. I guess that’s a good thing though because it’s a sign their relationship is back to a normal family one but still, I miss her.

I softly knock on her door but I hear no answer. She’s having an awful lot of bloody mood swings lately. I knock again but, this time, I let myself in. “Sam? Love, where are you?” I call out after inspecting her room and not seeing any sign of her. This room is huge. Bigger than mine actually. I sigh and start to look around, lifting clothes and books off the floor in the process. “Sammy? I know you’re in here somewhere.” I say, looking in her closet and outside on the porch. Then, I hear a little sniffle coming from under the bed. I grin and make my way over to her bed. I bend down onto my knees, then I lay on my stomach to come face to face with my beautiful girl. Her side bangs cover one of her glossy, green eyes, making it hard to figure out how she’s really feeling. Stupid Harry, she feels like shit, can’t you see that? The voice in my head taunts me. I grab her hand and pull myself closer to her, noses brushing and we both embrace each other under her bed. Some people may think this is awkward but really, it’s quite romantic I think.

“Thanks for coming in without an invitation…” she whispers against my chest as I slide under the bed and lay next to her.

“I was worried.” I protest while kissing the top of her head. “Plus, you didn’t answer me when I called out your name.”

“Maybe I wanted to be alone.” She slips out of my arms, shimmies her body away from me and gets up to put on some music. I follow her and as we reach the iHome, I wrap my arms around her waist. She puts on some Coldplay, Fix You I believe the song is, and unwraps my arms from her waist.

“What was that for?” I’m hurt by what she did. I want to cuddle with her. As I push my thoughts aside,  I poke out my lip.

“I just want to be alone, Harry. Can’t you see that?” She says, spitting out the words like she could care less about the situation.

“You would like it if Zayn was with you though, wouldn’t you?” I ask a little harshly and her eyes squint.

“You don’t know that.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Prove it.” I scramble with words in my head. I don’t know why I said that. That was stupid. I feel stupid for fighting with her at this time too. Instead of answering, I grant her wish and leave the room.

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