17: Movies and Sweet Popcorn

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17: Movies and Sweet Popcorn

Sam’s POV

“Oh Darling, you look amazing! Your hair just completes the dress!” my mother chirps, her hands flying up to her mouth to cover it in surprise. “You look great too, mom.” I compliment her tight, navy dress and dark brown hair with a tint of grey, tied up into an elegant bun. Amy, Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie walk in, all wearing the same gorgeous violet and flowy dress. Their hair hung freely down their chests in curls along with a beautiful daisy to complete their look. They all gasp at me and I swear, a tear falls down Amy’s cheek. “Oh my god, you look just gorgeous, girl!” she says excitingly, clapping her hands and whipping out a tissue from her small hand bag. The three other girls agree and I look down. I’m wearing a white dress, a long train following the back of it. Sequins rim the top of the sleeveless dress and a floral pattern is wrapping around my waist. I touch the top of my head, a beautiful diamond tiara sat on top, following a plain white veil that reaches the end of my outfit. “Show time gi-… Wow, honey. You look beautiful.” My father. My father is here. “I’m ready to walk my beautiful daughter down the isle.” He says, choking up at the sight of my outfit. My mother leaves, followed by the girls and my father entwines his strong arm with my small one. “Ready?” I nod and the bridal chorus rings through the organ. The big glass doors open, revealing my big family, both father and mother’s sides fill the room along with some high school students I went to school with. I see Amy and the girls holding bouquets of flowers and on the opposite side of them, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Liam stand with their arms glued to their sides.As I make my way slowly down the isle with my father, I look ahead. A tall, handsome, curly haired, green eyed man stood and watched me walk closer to him. All the boys are wearing a well fitted tux, making them all look great, especially the one I’m smiling at. He smiles at the sight of me and my wedding dress, showing his dimples I love so much. As I reach him, he grabs my hands. The priest greets us all. “Are we all ready to begin?”

“You had a frickin dream about marrying Harry?!” Amy screams as I just finished telling her and the rest of my girlfriends, Dani, Eleanor and Perrie about it. I blush. Good thing no one’s here except the girls and I. Today, we shooed all the boys out of the house to go out and have fun without the company of us girls. Sure, maybe we want a girls day to ourselves but, I’m sure the boys want a day to themselves as well.

“That’s so romantic!” Danielle cheers, clapping her hands excitingly with a big smile on her face. All the girls agree, copying her movements as I sit on the sofa feeling awkward.

“It’s awkward… It’s also a coincidence.” I say quietly, remembering my amazing kiss with Harry last night. The girls give me a questioning look. “We kinda… kissed last night.” I whisper and the girls screech, causing me to jump in surprisement at their reaction.

“Finally!” Perrie yells in face while shaking my like a rag doll. “Who kissed who?!”

“He kissed me.” I answer simply, like it’s no big deal. Ah, who am I kidding, it’s a huge deal! Harry finally kissed me! The girls give one more screech and Eleanor throws her hands into the air.

“This calls for a celebration!” She scrambles up and jobs up the stairs for a minute or two, then comes back down holding a couple movies. “Movie day! Amy, mind going to make some popcorn?” Amy gets up, brushes her butt from sitting on the floor and walks to the kitchen, disappearing as the doors close. “Okay… Jack Ass 2 or The Hangover…? Hard decisions, I know.” Eleanor states, holding the two movies up for us to see. I’ve never seen any of them, really. Never really bothered to. They seemed stupid and annoying but, right now, I don’t care. I just want to spend some time with my girls. As Amy comes out with three bowls of popcorn, we decide on The Hangover.

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