16: The Next Tour

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16: The Next Tour

Sam’s POV

A few weeks have passed since the concert and everyone seems to be happy and living life to the fullest. Zayn loosened up a bit by joking around with me once in a while, he even talked to Amy, gathering up all of his courage and attempting to apologize for all the stuff he’s done to her in high school. She didn’t accept the apology but, she did tell him that she’s not upset about it anymore. She only came here to start a new life, a bigger and better one than her old one. She even knew about him living here and that she was walking into her own living nightmare like me, but she decided it was time to face her fear and confront him. She never did until a few days after the concert due to the dream she had. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in her shoes. To be tortured like that every day of your high school days must leave a scar onto your life, hence the whole suicide moments. It’s getting better though. I haven’t seen or heard about her cutting herself since she’s been here, I didn’t find any drugs in her suitcase, I didn’t find any pocket knives either. Finding no sign of that made me feel great and it took a lot of weight off of my chest. Right now, I’m driving to a studio with Amy. The boys are there recording some of their new songs for the new album ‘Take Me Home’. I’ve never been to a recording studio. Mostly because I’m not famous and I’m broke as hell. My first time at a recording studio better be good. I swerve a corner, still not used to the fact that I’m driving on the opposite side in the car than I’m used to. Pulling into a parking lot, I pick a parking space and park my rented car. Not the nicest car, but it’ll do for the amount of time I’m staying here.

“You actually did pretty well for your first time! Good job!” Amy yells once she climbs out of the car and throws her arms into the air. I laugh and we walk into the big thirty-two story building, passing people in work suits and holding suitcases in their hands. I walk up to an old looking lady with grey hair tied up in a bun and a security suit.

“Hello, we’re here to meet our friends up in… Flander’s Recording Studios?” I inform and she doesn’t even bother to look up. I glance at her name tag, Margret’s her name.

“There are no visitors for One Direction.” She says coldly. Amy raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, no. They asked us to come so we came and I plan on seeing them.” Amy spats and Margret shoots her head up.

“Excuse me miss. I do not like this tone of yours. I think it would be best if you and your friend leave before you are removed from the building by force.”

“But, we’re friends with them!” She yells a bit too loud actually.

“Security!” Dammit. Two buff men march over and throw us over their shoulder.

“No! We’re telling the truth! Put us down!” I scream, thrashing my arms and legs around. He doesn’t budge, same with the other man carrying Amy. They drop us outside on  a patch of grass. At least they didn’t drop us on the cement.

“Thank you very much!” Amy calls sarcastically. “Text one of the boys, they’ll get us in.”

I whip out my phone and type angrily to Louis.

Me: Louis! The son of a bitch at the front counter won’t let us in! Help? :)

I instantly get a response.

BooBear: Don’t worry babe! Liam and I are on our way ;)

I smile.

“Louis and Liam are on their way.” I say and Amy and I talk about our graduation ceremony I missed the day I left. Stupid mom, made me miss the best day of my life. In no time, the two boys burst through the door and help us up. Guiding us through the door, Louis glares at the two security guards and Margret.

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