5: Assaulted

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5: Assaulted

Jude: Sammy! Cameron’s going to be at the park today! Mind tagging along?

I smile at his excited tone through his text. Wow. He really liked this guy. The expression on his face when he told me his name the other day was priceless. His eyes lit up, a cheeky smile plastered his face and he turned a bright crimson color, highlighting the freckles on his face. It’s not like I couldn’t go. I’d much rather be with him than with these guys in my new home. I walk past all five boys walking down the stairs as I quickly walk up and grab my board, my phone and a book, just in case Jude finally talked to Cameron and they wanted to skate alone. I run back downstairs and burst out the door as the guys all got into a van.

“Where are you going?” Niall asks and I stop in my tracks.

“Going skateboarding with Jude, you?” I ask Niall, not looking at any of the others, especially Harry.

“Photo shoot! Be back in like twenty? Bye!” and with that, they pull out of the drive way and I throw my board lightly on the ground. Stepping on it, I push my left leg to get going, secretly racing Louis as he drives. I smile widely as I pass them. Throwing my hands in the air and turning the corner, Jude notices my happy mood.

“What are you so happy about?!” He calls and I wave my hands in the air some more.

“I just beat Louis in a secret race I planned. Girl riding a skate board or twenty one year old driving a Caravan? Who wins?  Me obviously!” I yell excitedly and Jude laughs loudly, throwing his head back and holding his stomach as he laughs.

“Cameron!” I yell out and Jude instantly stops laughing. He glares at me and I notice a bleach blonde, tall and pale teenager looking at me quite confused. I smile and wave innocently and Jude hits my stomach.

“Stop it!” He hisses and I just laugh and his death glares he continued to give me. Cameron was around a bunch of his friends, attractive friends that is. One of his friends checks me out, his eyes looking up and down my body from a distance. Ew. I suddenly didn’t like them. I nudge Jude and motion my head towards Cameron, who just happened to be coming over with his friends. Oh no. I had to think of a quick escape plan. I grab my book from my bag and start to turn around, spotting a perfect spot to read. “Ho no… you’re staying right here. I need a backup. There’s more than one guy coming!” he whispers and I roll my eyes as he drags me back. Cameron reaches us and squints a Jude.

“Hey… Aren’t you Jude? Who’s this chick you’re with?” He asks and flashes me a smile. He smelt like weed and cigarette smoke. There you have it. Another turn off.

“This is S-,”

“I’m no one.” I say, breaking off Jude before the creeps in front of me find out my name. I don’t know why but, they had ‘TROUBLE’ written all over their faces. I was disgusted and I wanted to leave. Their sent bugged the hell out of me, THEY bugged the hell out of me. Cameron’s british accent was strong and his voice was raspy and groggy. It’s like he just woke up or something. It looked like it too. I glance over at Jude awkwardly when Cameron’s friends circled around him.

“You’re cute.” Cameron slurs and I back away from him as he inches closer and closer.

“Jude…” I say slowly and he poked his head out from the circle of guys, looking sadly at Cameron. He caught on that he wasn’t gay. “Get away from me.” I say coldly and my back was up against a big ramp. Cameron is inches away from my face and the grin on his face was big, I was beginning to get scared. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but, I’d rather have Harry pin me against a ramp than the weed smoker in front of me. His breath smelt like alcohol, mixed with morning breath. How could Jude find this guy attractive?! He was absolutely digusting! I bet he bathes in trash cans. His clothes were tattered and his shoes had holes in them, giving off the hobo look wasn’t hard for him. Then, his lips crashed onto mine. Struggling to get free, I used the only defense move I could think of. I slowly lift up my leg then he drops to the ground, holding his ‘area’.

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