12: Yo Skrillz, Drop It Hard

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12: Yo Skrillz, Drop it hard

Sam’s POV

I’m wearing my Skrillex shirt with white short shorts, my Dubstep rubber bracelets and to top the look off, I’m wearing my black converse to match the color of my shirt. You know what that means. I’m on my way to see the frickin Skrillex concert! No words can describe my excitement! Amy’s wearing her Skrillex shirt, the matching one she bought with me, a pair of jean short shorts and her white DC skater shoes. Louis seemed pretty excited as well, jumping up and down in one of the passenger seats yelling, “Holy shit, this concert will be so cool!” and Eleanor laughing at him as he jumps, making the van rock. Amy and I are in the back with Niall, Louis in the middle with Eleanor and Liam in the passenger seat up front while Harry drives, swerving corners as we get closer and closer to the stadium the concert’s held at. Amy and I’s excitement grows bigger as we get closer, making us start to jump up and down with Louis. Louis and I seem fine now. After I saw how he treated Amy in the living room, I began to gain some respect for him. He really cares about her like a brother would for his loving sister. I respect that.

“Oh my god, I’m so excited! Niall! Aren’t you excited?! You should be excited! Skrillex is amazing! I love him! Oh my god!” Amy yells while clinging onto Niall’s arm in the van. Niall just chuckles and agrees with her. None of the boys really knew who Skrillex was until I came along, blasting my “Piss off, I’m not in the mood to talk.” music in my new bedroom. “Sammy! Holy shit! It’s like we’re seeing the concert we went to in Canada but… but in London!” I roll my eyes. Amy tends to get a bit stupid when she’s excited.

“Well, no duh…” I say and she starts laughing un-controllably.

“What did you give her before we left?” Liam asks and I giggle.

“Absolutely nothing. No joke. She was the same before the concert in Canada!” I reply and everyone laughs as, finally, we pull into the parking lot where we’d meet Zayn, Perrie and Danielle in another vehicle. I look out the window and see them socializing by a Black Jetta, probably Zayn’s car. Harry parks the van and turns the key. Everyone pours out and we meet up with Zayn and the two girls. I love them all to bits. Yesterday, all the girls went to the mall just to hang out and shop. They bought a bunch of stuff, leaving Amy and I buying one thing because we’re broke as hell. I bought a nice shirt though so, It wasn’t all bad.  I walk up to Danielle and Perrie and they tackle me with a group hug.

“We missed you!” They say in unison. I pull away and smile.

“I was only gone for, what, twenty minutes?”

“Still!” and we all make our way to the entrance, thank god. Concerts are always so much nicer when they’re outside. Skrillex is always outside… well, most of the time. The concert Amy and I went to was outside in a baseball stadium. This concert will be so much better though! With the guys and their girlfriends here, it’s going to be ten thousand times better! We all walk up to the ticket booth and people check our bags, soon letting us through. Amy and I run in, leaving everyone behind as we burst through the soccer stadium. How cool is this! There’s a main stage and a B stage. Main stage is where Diplo, Pretty lights, Knife Party and Skrillex will perform. As for B stage, I have no clue who’s performing on there.

“Shit, guys! Thanks for waiting! Woah…” Louis says in awe as the crowd of people scream and applaud the performers walking on stage. Her name’s Tokimonsta and she’s really pretty.

“Hey! What’s up London?! Are you guys excited for my man Skrillz?!” She yells and everyone cheers, including Amy and I. We actually scream at the top of our lungs and throw our hands up in the air.

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