My Forgotten Fiance' Ch 4

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My Forgotten Fiance'


Chapter 4

I was still sitting on the bed where Johnathan had left me when he came back into the room. Cradled lovingly in his arms is a tiny infant swaddled in a light pink baby blanket. I could not see her as of yet and the sheer anticipation was getting to me. Without even having set eyes on her I just know that she is beautiful!

I watched Johnathan as he traversed the distance between the door to the king sized bed. The expression on his face made it very clear that she was very well loved and wanted. Something I had never felt my entire life.

I was orphaned from the age of infancy and never found out who my parents are, or perhaps were, depending on whether or not they are alive. Truthfully, I never wanted to look for them because not only was I hurt that they had let me go so easily but also because maybe it was not by choice. I really did not want to know just on the off chance that it was because they did not want me.

I was brought out of my reverie by Johnathan calling my name softly. I looked up at him to realize that he was waiting for me to take Arabella from him. I held out my arms and he put her into them. As I gazed down at the infant in my arms I felt tears come to my eyes and tried to fight them back unsuccessfully.

She is so beautiful, this little baby I do not remember being pregnant with. I tried to bring up any memories of being pregnant with her but none came to mind. I just succeeded in making my headache worse. I decided it would be best to stop trying to force myself to remember. The doctor said I would or would not remember and that will just have to suffice for now.

I gazed adoringly at her and knew immediately that I would do anything for her. Anything at all.

"She is so beautiful. What is her full name?" My voice came out as a whisper for two reasons. One, I was tearful and two, I did not want to startle her. She was still sleeping and I just did not have the heart to wake the little angel up.

"Yes, she is beautiful. Her full name is Arabella Marie Maxwell." He murmured quietly. "The doctors were unsure as to when you would come out of your coma, if ever, so I named her."

"It is a beautiful name! I truly appreciate your taking such good care of her when I could not." My breath hitched as I thought of all the time I missed being with her.

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