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Toxic love  by litloni
Toxic love by Depressedliaaaa
I have this story planned so 👍 pls red 😭😂
The RunAway Model by greenwriter
The RunAway Modelby J.D. Ruiz
[A 2016 Wattpad Featured Story; A @Fright Featured Story] It takes one night for everything to change. One night of passion, one murder and three supermodels. JAMAI...
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Into the Ghost Zone We Go! by sassandsarcasm
Into the Ghost Zone We Go!by permanently tired
When Danny Fenton's parent come to his school saying his class will be going into the Ghost Zone, this is a recipe of disaster for Team Phantom. But it gets worse- D...
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🌴Bullied by blesiv🌴{COMPLETE} by babyDaejahh
🌴Bullied by blesiv🌴{COMPLETE}by Wtfblesiv
Just read *plz don't read if u are sensitive to suicide attempt it is u don't like smut thx* 🥶🧢🐳🐬🦋💧💦🌊❄️🥏🧩📘💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 blue gan...
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Bullied by Blesiv 😢  by BLESOOV
Bullied by Blesiv 😢 by BLESOOV
It's bad but just read...🙂
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IBF's📱 by influencerfics
IBF's📱by pEpPa🤩
just read;).🌚😏
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depression fucked up my love life by isis_blesiv
depression fucked up my love lifeby mariah.
Julisa is going through depression, she is moving from New York to San Diego, California. She meets this boy named giovanny (very sexual) Tbc...
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Love Is Tiring<3 alex&jabez by mydadwashere
Love Is Tiring<3 alex&jabezby Qt
Girl falls for her 2 boy bsfs but alot gets in the way.☠️
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💛My best friend ALEX🌴 by babyDaejahh
💛My best friend ALEX🌴by Wtfblesiv
I have a best friend named Alex but will we be more then friends
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the day i fall in love with my best friend  -marc Gomez Story (ON HOLD) by Alissalove11
the day i fall in love with my alissa
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Bullied by da boiss by xxfightxxme
Bullied by da boissby Lovexoxo💞💞
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On tour with my crush on accident ***(COMPLETED)*** by PiperAllen7
On tour with my crush on Piper Allen
You are a 16 year old named y/n and you have a crush on gio you go out to see your dad and something came up and your dream came true
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The One And Only Bullied By Blesiv by btuhitz_tay
The One And Only Bullied By Blesivby Thalya
u go to a new highschool in Sparks Nevada then u start getimg bullied by blesiv and his crew. and turns out blesiv has a huge crush on u and u guys start dating.. read...
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Once a fuck boy, always a fuck boy by Blesiv__bxtch
Once a fuck boy, always a fuck boyby wsp.bby
Read and find out;)
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Falling for Jabez  by lizzyyyyo_o
Falling for Jabez by Lizzy•_•
You've always been invisible at school. But this summer you have decided to work on your body. You have changed yourself but like not in a bad way. You live by yourself...
Phantom Trip by friking-awsom-kitten
Phantom Tripby Marisa
Maddie and Jack Fenton, also known by all as genius scientists in all things ghostly, have finally convinced the president to sponsor them to teach the young residents o...
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The new girl (dirty) by Blesivxxfanfics
The new girl (dirty)by Blesivx fanfics
This story is about you and Alex and other friends...see what happens💕
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The Phantom's Guardian (the Phantom of the Opera fan fiction) by Myatnoe123
The Phantom's Guardian (the Myatnoe123
Is it fair to keep secrets from your loved one? Will you do anything to make your loved one happy? Is love "giving" or "taking, "forgiving" or...
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Stepbrother love❤️ by desisacutie
Stepbrother love❤️by desisacutie
Ok I'm changing the story kinda💀
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