My Forgotten Fiance' Ch 5

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My Forgotten Fiance'


Chapter Five

I awoke with a start and sat up. Looking around me I felt disorientated for a moment before I remembered where I was. Johnathan's home. Mine now, as well, now that we are married.

That is certainly going to take some getting used to. I have always been alone and preferred it that way. That is the most baffling part- why would I have put myself in a position to get pregnant by someone I could not have known for very long? Especially when I had never wanted to get entangled with anyone on a serious level?

I heard the sound again. It was very faint but definitely there.

It took a moment for me to realize what it was that had awoken me. A baby's cry. I looked around me because the cry was coming from somewhere nearby. I finally spotted what had to be a baby monitor on the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed.

I started to get up when I heard Johnathan speaking gently. "Hello beautiful, let's try not to wake up mommy, OK. Now, did you have a good nap? I bet you are hungry right? How about we change your diaper and then you can have your bottle, hmm?" He sounded so sweet!

I heard the sounds of rustling and figured he must be changing her diaper. He seems to be such a wonderful father. Will he be a wonderful husband, as well? Only time will give me the answer to that question.

I heard the sound of more rustling followed by the sound of Arabella sucking on what I presumed to be her baby bottle. Every now and again she would make these cute little noises that brought a happy smile to my face. I love her so very much and could not imagine my life without her in it.

At the thought of losing her I felt as though I wanted to cry but I blinked the tears away and focused on listening to sounds coming through the baby monitor instead.

I heard a little belch and then the sound of Johnathan laughing softly. I had not heard him laugh before and I must admit, the deep timber of his laugh was extremely sexy. I cannot remember ever hearing a man laugh and thinking that it was the sexiest sound on earth but Johnathan's husky laugh most certainly is.

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