My Forgotten Fiance' Ch 3

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Chapter 13

It had only taken fifteen minutes for me to become Mrs. Johnathan Maxwell. Fifteen short minutes to commit my entire life to a man I have absolutely no memory of and may very well never remember.

I looked down at the beautiful bouquet he had surprised me with, thinking back to the ride to the Justice of the Peace.

I had looked at him a bit puzzled when he had asked the chauffeur, I think his name is James, to stop at Ericka's Floral Shoppe. He had gone inside after instructing me to stay in the limo and come back out a few minutes later. As he got in beside me, he passed me a gorgeous bouquet of white calla lilies. I had gasped not only because they were beautiful, but because it had been so unexpected.

I had looked at him, touched by the gesture. "Thank you, the bouquet is exquisite!"

Before I had even known I was going to do so, I had leaned over and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. When I had realized what I had done, I had started blushing profusely.

"You are welcome. I know how most brides are about the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. The flowers, obviously are new. So that leaves the something old, something borrowed and something blue."

He reached over and picked up a small bag that was sitting across from us on another seat. Reaching in he withdrew a small box and passed it to me.

When I had seen what was inside, I had started blushing profusely all over again. In the little box was a light blue garter with white lacy trim.

"Will you allow me to help you put it on?" His voice had come out sounding husky. I had looked at him and saw an emotion I can only describe as pure, hot-blooded desire. I remember whispering 'yes' and him taking the garter from my nerveless fingers. He had ever so slowly slid the garter up my left leg until he had reached the top of my thigh where his hands had lingered for a moment too long before he had pulled away abruptly.

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