My Forgotten Fiance' Ch 6

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My Forgotten Fiance'


Chapter 6

I awoke the next morning feeling less fatigued than I had the day before. I switched on the bedside lamp and looked around me realizing two things at once. The first was that it was fifteen minutes past six. The second, and most important thing, was that Johnathan was not in the bed nor had he been there all night.

I frowned as I looked at the side of the bed he should have been in. It was still made and there was no indication that he had even lain on top of the blankets.

Before I lost my memory of the past eight months, I know I had never given any thought as to how my wedding night would go but if I had? I can guarantee it would not have been with me sleeping alone in the bed all night. In fact, I can probably even go so far as to say that we would not have gotten any sleep, at all.

I can understand us not being able to consummate the marriage because of doctor's orders. I am not ready for that part of the marriage anyway since I do not really even know him but I would not have objected to my husband sleeping in the same bed. After all, isn't this marriage supposed to be real? Besides, we already have a daughter together so it is not like we have not shared a bed before.

I need answers to the relationship we had before but I have a feeling that he will not be as forthcoming with information as I need him to be. I need someone who would know about it and would be willing to tell me what I need to know.

I smiled as I thought of my best friend, Brianna. We had met when I had left the orphanage at the age of eighteen, several days after graduating from high school. When I was little I had vowed that I would get out of there and applied myself academically so I would have more options open to me later on in life, or so I had hoped. Some of the staff always commented that I was intelligent beyond my years and I suppose they were right. I feel so much older than twenty-two.

I thought back to the day Brianna and I had met.

Beginning of flashback:

I was walking from another dead-end interview when this absolutely gorgeous woman came up to me. She stood there for a moment as if sizing me up before she spoke.

"Hello, my name is Brianna Dawson." She extended her hand out to me for me to shake it.

I looked back at her for a moment before speaking. "Hi. Desiree Carter." I shook her hand- not one of those soft, limp handshakes but a real handshake most women are afraid to give as if most people will think it too manly.

She smiled. "You know, I definitely think you will do perfectly!"

I looked at her like she was a crazy woman before asking. "Perfect for what, exactly?"

"A job, if you want one?" She quirked her left brow questioningly.

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