hard days // victor criss (TRIGGER WARNING!!)

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TRIGGER WARNING: THIS CHAPTER TALKS ABOUT ABUSE AND RAPE. PLEASE SKIP OF IT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE!!! this story is so fucked. I dont know what gave me the inspiration to write this but it is very serious matter and if you are being held in an uncomfortable situation, you must get help. it is very necessary. i hope you enjoy the story, even though its fucked.

y/n had just finished her fourth final of her junior year and was walking down the empty halls on the way to the bathroom. even though she finished 45 minutes before her class ended and school would be out, she wasn't allowed to leave or else her grade wouldn't count. so, she decided to spend most of the bathroom, vaping. (ps. this is kinda held in present time)

It had been about 15 minutes when the bully of the school came in. even though greta doesn't pick on y/n, she didn't like her. y/n put her away her novo and headed for the exit of the bathroom. "where do you think you're going?" greta sneered as she stepped in front of her only way out. y/n tried to stay calm, "get out of my way." greta laughed in her face and crossed her arms. "no."

y/n doesnt take 'no' for an answer. she hurled greta out of the bathroom and slammed her into the lockers across the hallway. "i asked you to get out of my way." greta stood up with a grunt and placed her fists up for a fight. "so, you really wanna do this." greta ran at y/n but she moved out of the way in time for greta to slam her body into the lockers, again. she got up with a bloody nose and a busted eyebrow. she didnt stand down though, she turned to face y/n. "oh my god." y/n whispered and got ready. she blew the first punch to her gut, sending her over. y/n got on top of her and was throwing punches left n' right. greta got ahold of y/ns hair and pulled her off. making them both roll around punching, kicking, scratching.

"ladies! what is going on?!" the principal came rushing down the hallways. y/n got off of a moaning greta and faced mrs. chessnut (?). "seriously y/n. on the last day of school?" she looked at y/n with sympathy. knowing this isnt the first time shes gotten in a fight like this. "I'm sorry." mrs. chessnut helped greta up and escorted them both to the main office.


"ah, theres the happy camper!" belch yelled out across the parking lot. the rest of the gang turned around to see a beat up y/n walking out the school doors. she smiled a bit and made her way to the boys. "who was it this time?" patrick looked at the cuts and bruises on y/ns face. "Greta, she wouldn't get out of way." y/n shrugged. "lets see those bruises." Henry mocked. y/n lifted her shirt a little to let the boys look at three huge bruises on y/ns stomach and ribs. "ooowee!" patrick whistled. "those are pretty bad, y/n." victor commeneted. "meh, aint nothing but a scratch." victor could see right through her, she was in pain. "you should see greta." she laughed.

right on cue, the busted, beaten, and bruised greta exited the school with her minions. she was limping with a moan as her friends had their arms around her for support. "jesus." belch whispered. the boys looked at the girl and back at y/n. "shit y/n. thats amazing." she smiled and shrugged. "yeah. hey i gotta get home before my dad does. belch?" "of course, lets go boys."

they all piled into belchs car and made their way to y/ns. they got there too late, her dad was home. "shit." y/n muttered. "hey, you can spend the night at my house if its bad. just give me a call." henry smiled at her. even though he was a douche and didn't like showing emotions, he grew up with y/n and theyre like siblings. "thanks, bowers. i'll let you know." she opened the car door and stepped out. "catch ya later, losers."


y/n silently made her way into the house, hoping her dad wouldn't hear her and she could run up to her room with no conversation. she closed the door but a gush of wind made it slam close. "y/n?" she cursed under her breath and made her way into the kitchen. "hi dad." he grunted a response as he opened another beer. "why are you late?" he didn't even bother to look at her as he took a sip of the killing bevrage. "i, um, i got held up at school." she fiddled with her fingers as she waited for a response. "'nother fight?' he looked up to see her bruised face. she nodded with her head held low. "goddamn it, y/n!" he screamed and threw the bottle at the wall right behind her, making pieces of glass fly everywhere. a small peice made its way right underneath her eye. she looked up at him with rage. "you could've blinded me!" she pulled the piece out. "it's just a scratch." he got up into her face as the rage in him grew and grew with every dirty look y/n gave him "you think you're so much better than everyone else. fighting and shit. you're a nothing. you're a worthless mistake that i wish never had happened." he whispered as she smelled the alchol in his breath. tears prickled her eyes as she looked at him. "i hate you." she sternly said, getting closer to him.

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