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belchs sister, that's who she is. she may not seem like she is, but they are related. the are complete opposites of each other. she never really was in the gang, she just hung out with then a lot. by a lot, she means every second.

belch has victor over for a 'sleepover'. sadly y/n and belch had to share a room. they were twins yes, but he was sloppy and she wasn't.

victor had fallen asleep while belch and y/n talked about nothing. "belch, i gotta tell you something. it's important." y/n looked up at the ceiling, fiddling with her fingers. "what's wrong? are you okay?!" he sat up looking at his sister. his voice was written with concern. "oh, yeah i'm fine. i just like someone that i feel like i shouldn't like." she stated. "and who would that be? please don't say patrick." y/n giggled at the remark. "no. it's uh, it's vic." she looked at the not so sleeping boy. unfortunately, he was awake this whole time and heard every word.

"you like victor?!" belch whispered yelled. his sister loudly shushed him. "shut the fuck up! yes i do." she didn't want him to hear. "and yet, you decide to tell me when, he's laying right here?!" belch sounded annoyed. "i'm sorry. i just, looking at him made me realize how much i actually do. his blonde hair, the wa-" "okay, okay shut up. i get it. i don't need you blabbing about my best friend." belch turned his back to y/n and said goodnight.


y/n woke up to the smell of eggs, pancakes, and bacon. she licked her lips. she got up out of bed and headed downstairs to see a table for two set up. she looked around the kitchen to see no one. well of course her parents weren't there, they were on vacation. she didn't want to eat the food incase it wasn't for her. y/n grabbed the tv remote and plopped herself onto the couch.

victor had planned this. since he heard everything she said last night, he wanted to show her how much he really does like her. he walked in from outside, he was talking to belch. asking for his permission to ask out y/n. of course, belch said yes. when he walked in he was startled to see y/n up and sitting on the couch. "shit." he mumbled. she turned around and her eyes lit up. "morning, vic." she smiled. "morning, y/n. this breakfast. it's for you. a-and me." he looked at the ground. her could feel her eyes on him. "really?!" she shot up from the couch and hugged victor. realizing what she did she quickly pulled away. "sorry." she muttered looking down, a blushing mess. "don't be, i liked it." he maneuvered her over to a chair. she sat down and waited for him to be seated. "so, why'd you do this for me?" she questioned him, taking a bite of her bacon. "i, uh, i actually wanted to talk to you about something." her heart dropped. he heard what i said last night. "i heard what you said last night," yup. here it come. "and i wanted to show you how much i like you too." he looked up at her. "what? oh! oh my god!" she thought he was gonna say that he didn't like her and he was just being nice by making this breakfast so he didn't hurt her feelings. "also, will you be my girl?" he asked nervously. "um, yes!" she said excitedly. "great!" he exclaimed.

it was awkward at first. they had already finished breakfast and were sitting in the couch. he had his arm around her and she was snuggled up against his side. "y/n, is it okay if i-" before he could finish she pushed his lips against his. "yes." she replied once she pulled back for air. he smiled down at her and placed another kiss on her lips.

i guess some dreams do come true.


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