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i know that it has been very long since i have written a story. i barely come on this app anymore. i just got finished with my first year of high school, & boy, let me tell you. it was chaotic. so i wanted to take this update to talk about it:

going into your first year of high school can be nerve racking & scary but i promise you, things will work out. it's not as scary as you may think. most people mind their own business and don't pay attention to you (unless you bring attention to yourself) but there are always going to be people who are rude, heartless, & want to bring you down. there was a lot of drama my first year but i pulled through. i lost a lot of friends but i also found my real friends who helped me through the drama & hard times. you're going to have your ups & downs but there's always gonna be a way through. i know this is super cheesy to say & you hear this all the time but high school sucks. like actually. it's nothing like the books you read on here or what you see in movies (fuck, unless you go to a really extra school) but it's also a lot of fun. i met so many great people & made so many great memories.

i guess what i am trying to say, is make the most out of your high school years. people are gonna leave & people are gonna come into your life but that's just part of this whole high school experience. but live your life to fullest and do you. if you wanna try out for that team, do it. if you wanna join that club, do it. if you wanna go for that guy or girl, do it. if you wanna smoke weed and vape, that's all you (don't die tho). shoot your shot bro, & don't let anyone tell you what you can & can't do b/c these are  your high school years & you're gonna fucking own it.


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