like father, like son // henry bowers

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"I'll be right back, baby. i promise. just one second." henry said to the girl on the couch. "no. you always say one second and you never come back until 3:00 in the morning. no more 'one seconds', henry! i'm done with this bullshit. what are you actually doing?" she stood up and walked over to the flabbergasted (lol) boy. "i-i uh. i can't tell you." he looked down. "can't tell me, my ass. get out of my house." she said through gritted teeth. "y/n. i'm not leaving. i can't tell you because it involves you." he explained. "you're cheating." she accused him of something he would never do. "stop. i didn't cheat on you. you know i would never do that. i can't tell you because it's a surprise." he tried again, but failed. "you're surprise keeps you out until 3:00 IN THE MORNING!" she was beginning to get frustrated and scared. she didn't want to break up him. she just didn't know how to trust him. what would be so important that he needed to stay out until 3:00 in he morning? "fine. if you won't leave, i will." she grabbed her keys and her wallet. "i was gonna ask you to be my wife." he muttered, just enough for her to hear him. she turned around in shock. "wha-what?" she stuttered. "i've been out late setting up lights and stuff in the quarry. where we meet. and then i was gonna ask you." he explained. "bu-" he shushed her. "i was out late because i didn't want you to question me during the day, because i don't have a job." he began to sob. she rushed over to him and pulled him into a hug. she pulled his head onto her lap as she slid onto the ground. "why are you crying? i'm still here, baby. i'm still here." she whispered calming things while she combed his hair with her hands.


except that not how things went.

"i'll be right back, baby. i promise. just one second." henry said to y/n. she sat there and waited for him for hours. he never showed, until 3:00 am.

he walked into her house drunk. she looked up from the ground, tear stains in his cheek. he smelled of girls perfume and alcohol. "oh, y/n! heyyy babyyy." he slurred his words. showing how drunk he really was. he stumbled over to her and fell, expecting her to catch him. unexpectedly he fell face first into the cold tile. "what was that for?" he attempted to stand up, but failed. "you said you'd be back in one second. you lied." she crouched down and moved him over so he was laying on his back. he looked up at her and placed his hand on her cheek. "i know. i got drunk." he explained. "you said you were going to the grocery store." she couldn't even look at him. "you're turning up just like your father!" she yelled in his face. she was walked into her room and locked the door. he followed her and banged on the door, begging for entrance. "baby! open the door! baby please! i only had a few drinks!" he banged once again. she knew he wouldn't last long and eventually he would pass out. so she waited and waited and waited. like she predicted, he fell asleep after about an hour. finally she sighed a sigh of relief. knowing she could finally go to sleep.


when she woke up, she opened the door and there he was. laying fast first into the carpet. he was fast asleep. she kicked his side. "get up." she said. he didn't budge. she kicked harder. "GET UP!" she screamed, she was slowly losing patience. he slowly sat up and looked up at her. he had been crying. she saw the tear stains on his cheeks, the wet carpet, and his red, puffy eyes. "i'll leave." he stood up and walked to the door.

"was she better than me?" she asked, her eyes beginning to water. he stopped. "no." he replied without hesitation. "why, why did you do it?" her tears began to fall. "i don't know." he grabbed the doorknob. "don't go." she let out, her words came out faster then her brain could process. she loved him. he made a mistake and she would forgive him as long as he forgave himself. he turned around and looked at her. "listen, you made a mistake. everyone makes mistakes and we have to learn that they weren't intentional. i-this is hard. i want to forgive you and i want things to go back to the way they were. but you've started acting out, k-kinda like your dad. you've been a bit physical and you're drinking a lot. i don't want you to go down the same path he did. you're better than that. you deserve more. i don't know if i can convince you to stop drinking, but i can try. and i'm gonna try. i'm gonna try because i love you and i want the best for you. but if you don't want this relationship anymore than you can walk away. if this isn't something that's making you happy, then you can walk out. erase me from your mind, like i never happened. like we never happened." she was crying and she didn't even know it. he looked down and walked over to her. he grabbed her hands in his. he leaned in and gently placed his lips on hers. "i'll try better. i'll try because i love you." he whispered.


okie dokie. this one isn't my favorite. but anyway, i'm running out of things to write so if you want me to write more than hmu. i'll write some of your ideas. anyway, y'all should really listen to NF, he's a really good artist. okay. bye.

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