choose // victor criss

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"victor, no. i'm not doing that." victor and patrick were trying to get y/n to jump off the cliff into the lake. "aw cmon y/n. it's you either jump on your own or we throw you in. you choose." he snickered with patrick. "ugh fuck off, fuckers." she whispered. "suit yourself." patrick began to walk to her but victor cut him off. "you touch, you die." victor went to grab y/n but she ran, a giggling mess. "cmon back here!" he yelled after her, laughing. "stay away thot!" she yelled back. sadly she tripped over a tree branch. "fuck." she mumbled trying to get up fast, but victor caught up to her. "let goooo!" she laughed. "never!" he walked toward the cliff. "ready?" "i'm gonna kill you!" y/n squirmed under victors soft touch, not wanted to jump off the cliff.

victor jumped, y/n in his arms.

"pretty sure you broke my eardrums, babe." he laughed once he reached the surface. "lets do that again!" y/n exclaimed, victor laughed.


good? no. okay. bye.

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