come back II // patrick hocksetter

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it's been about three months since y/n and patrick were no long together. he couldn't get her out of his mind, no matter how many girls he hooked up with, she was always there. y/n wasn't doing to good either. she thought she didn't love him anymore but she loved him even more since they've been separated.

he's walked by her house everyday, hoping to bump into her sometime. explain how sorry he was. how much he loved her. how much he craved her touch. how much he wanted to hear her say his name. he wanted her. he needed her more than anything. in school her watch her walk past him and wanted to reach out and grab her, holding her close to him. but he knew she didn't want anything to do with her.


the boys were in town and so was y/n. she was in town running errands. praying she would see him. praying he would see her.

she walked into the pharmacy and patrick noticed from across the street. watching her figure walk into the store. "go talk to her." henry shoved patrick. "what, uh. no i-i can't. she, she doesn't want to see me." he stuttered. henry pulled out his knife. "go talk to her." he demanded. patrick glanced at the knife, not wanting anything to do with it he starting walking to the store.

he entered and immediately caught a glimpse of her y/h/c hair, held high in a loose ponytail. he walked over to her. she glanced up and her breath caught in her throat. "p-patrick." she whispered placing the object back on the shelf. "y/n...... listen." "i can't do this right now." she pushed past him, tears threatening her. he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a hug. she started bawling. people started staring at the them. "shhh, it okay. i'm here." he took out into the alley and sat her on a step. he crouched down to her level. "i'm sorry." "i know." he wiped the tears from her cheeks. "no, i'm sorry. okay? what i did was, was, unforgivable and dumb. i have no excuse for doing it. i've just been so fucked up without you." he paused and sighed. looking for the right words he looked down. "i'm hurting. i still love you. god, i can't get you out of my mind. you're never gone. if-if i'm with another girl i can't help but stop what we're doing cause i think of you. i tell them to get out. i've tried so hard to get you out of my mind and move on. but i can't. i already found my girl, MY girl. and she's sitting right in front of me. i'm sorry. i don't know how many times i have to say that. but i-i understand if you don't love me anymore. i fucked up bad." when he looked up she was staring at him. "i-i just, i need space." she shoved past him. "no. i'm done with this 'i need space'. i know you're not happy. i know that you're just as upset as me. i know you still love me. i can see it in your eyes. y/n, you need me. i need you. don't leave. please. come back to me. i promise i'll never leave. ever." she looked back at him. "i'm sorry." with that she left. not looking back. ever.


so i kinda had her leave at this end of this. just like patrick left at the end of the first one. part 3? bye

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