gone // victor criss

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"guys have you seen y/n?" victor walked into belchs house. "yeah man. she just went home and hour ago." patrick replied without looking away from the TV. "she's not home." victor began to worry. "did you check the quarry?" henry added. "yeah." "how about in town?" "yup" "did she leave for vacation?" patrick asked. "no, her parents are home." "what about y/b/ns house." (y/b/n = best friend.) "yes guys. i checked everywhere! she's gone." victor started to get impatient. he needed to find her. "okay dude. chill. well go look for her." belch and the rest of the boys stood up and walked to the door. victor followed.


it's been two weeks since y/n went missing. the losers club were currently fighting It. once they finally killed It, all the floating kids began to float down. "should we wake them up?" mike asked as he looked at one boy. "yeah." bill walked around.

"holy shit!" richie exclaimed. the rest of the losers ran over to him. looking down at y/n. "well, who wants to wake her up?" they glanced at each other and then back at victors girl. richie knelt down next to her. "i'll do it." he began to shake her. "maybe you have to kiss her!" eddie snickered. without thinking, richie connected his lips to the lifeless girl. she shot her eyes open and looked all around her. fear was written all over her face. "w-where am i?" she turned to the losers. "uh, long story. what's the last thing you remember?" beverly put a hand on y/ns shoulder to show comfort. "i-i was walking home from victors, and i see, th-this clown. he ran over to me and everything turned black. that's all i remember." she was looking all over. here eyes never focused on one thing. "okay, we'll take you home. how does that sound?" eddie reaches out for her hand. y/n hesitantly grabbed his. "good. where's victor?" they began to find their way out of the sewers. "he's been at home since you went missing two week ago. he hasn't been the same. i heard belch and patrick talking about how he hasn't eaten." richie pipped up. "oh. i need to see him. can you take me there instead?" she still had her hand in eddies. "s-s-sure." bill led them to victors.


y/n walked up to the door. she knew his mom was home, due to her car in the driveway. his mom loved her like a daughter. y/n stayed there a lot because her mother was a drunk.

she knocked twice. "coming!" she recognized the voice as his mother's. y/n looked down at herself one more time. realizing she was covered in dirt, mud, and smelled like sewers.

his mom answered the door. "hel-" she dropped the plate of lemonade. she looked at the girl she called her daughter. her face was converted with shock. "y/n." she whispered. all y/n could manage was a smile. victors mother ran to y/n and hugged her senseless. "i've been so worried. oh! my god! my prayers have been answered." she let go of y/n and gestured her to come inside.

"huh, where's victor?" y/n looked up. "he's upstairs dear" victors mom set a batch of cookies on the kitchen table. y/n made her way up the stairs and down to his bedroom door. it was closed and there was silence behind the door. she knocked. "mom, i already told yo-" y/n opened the door and looked at her love. he was so skinny you could see the bones on his face. he had dark circles along the underside of his eyes. he looked ill. victor looked up at her and his eyes began to tear. he stood up and slowly walked over to here. he ran his fingers along her mud covered cheeks. "are you real?" he whispered, looking into her eyes. she placed a hand on his cheek and smiled. "yes." she was crying and didn't even notice.

"i-" she wouldn't let him finish. she engulfed him in a hug, never wanted to let go. "i love you." she whispered into his neck. she could tell his wet tears seep into her red shirt. "i love you, too."


sorry i haven't uploaded, i've been reading a lot recently. i also had basketball tryouts sooooo. i made the team. that's good. anyway. okay. bye.

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