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"susan and johnny...." y/ns teacher continued calling names off a list of who's partners for a project. "carla and thomas...... and that seems to leave..... y/n and.... hmm.... henry." shit.

she hadn't liked henry. not in the slightest. he was rude and inconsiderate. and he yelled a lot. he also seemed to take pleasure in beating up her friends. the losers club, and her as well. seemingly she is a part of the losers club too.

she walked over to his desk. he had light blue ripped jeans on and a red shirt. she sat down and looked at him. he looked up and smirked.

"look, ill just do the work and put your name on it so you get credit." she decided that maybe if she did her best to avoid him and do all the work he wouldn't find a way to pick on her.

right on que the bell rang. "i'll see you later sweet cakes." he smiled at her and walked out the door.


"henry?! henry fucking bowers?!" beverly yelled at y/n. "a-a-are y-you i-insane?" bill added in. "i'm sorry, i cant help who my partner is." she walked across the field, her backpack hanging off one shoulder and her friends to her side.

"hey! y/n!" she heard the familair voice of richie calling after her. y/n turned around to greet the boy who was surronded by stan and eddie. "hey guys." y/n turned back around to continue walking. "whats with the long face?" richie pushed y/n slightly. beverly whispered what was wrong with y/n to eddie. "Y/N IS PARTNERS WITH HENRY BOWERS!!" eddie laughed and fell on the floor holding his stomach. "she's probably gonna get aids!" stan helped eddie up. "dude, stop." richie went over to y/n. "i'm just gonna head home. i'll see you guys tomorrow," she walked away, adjusting her backpack.

she was eating a snack playing with her switchblade when there was a knock on the door.

she got up from her seat and opened the door to reveal henry.

"uh, what are you doing here?" she shifted uncomfortably, leaning against the doorframe. "hey, so uh, i'm here to work on the project." he rubbed his hand against the back of his neck. "okay." she moved aside to let henry in. he looked around after taking his shoes off. "we can work in the kitchen or in the living room. whatever's good for you." he sat himself down on the couch and opened his backpack up. "living room it is." she laughed.

henry was watching her as she wrote the notes onto their poster. he didn't notice until now how she fiddled with her hands when she was concentrating, when she itches her nose when she was thinking. the way her hand swiftly moved across the paper when she was writing. he just now realize how truly beautiful she was.

"henry?" she was snapping her fingers in front of his face. he hummed a response, looking at her now. "can you write this paragraph.....here. please." he shifted up. "uh, oh. um. yeah." he started doing what she asked when she suddenly stopped. "henry," he looked up at her. "yeah?" she turned her body towards him and put her pencil down. she began to fidget. "um, why do you pick on me and my friends?" he was shocked that she had asked that. he, himself didn't even know the answer. "uh, i'm not really sure. i guess, i just..... i don't know. you guys are just easy to pick on i guess." she stood up, hard and fast. (hehe. okay. sorry.) "seriously?! you pick on my friends because we're EASY to pick on," she began to move her hands and flare them around, "we don't even know you! is there like something wrong with us that you just have to point out! i mean you've driven us so far that we sometimes hate ourselves. we don't even like ourselves anymore because you bring so much negativity into our lives. you don't even know, how much pain you put on us! god, you're just so cruel! i mean is there like something that's not perfect enough for you, that you just HAVE to point out and make us feel worse about ourselves. we're broken, and you put us here." she began to cry and sat down. he was completely shooketh. "y/n-" she put her hand up. "save it. i think you should leave." she stood up and walked to the kitchen.

he sat there for a moment. taking in everything. he stood up and slowly walked into the kitchen. she stood with her hands pushed against the countertop. she sniffled and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. she pushed off the table and put her head back. rubbing her hand through her eyes and then her hair. "oh my god." she breathed out. she hadn't noticed him yet, but he watched. thinking of how much he had torn her apart, so much that she hates herself.

he walked up to her, her head shot up quick. "wh-what are you still doing here! leave.... LEAVE!" she started yelling and hitting his chest. pushing him and crying, he did nothing but hug her. she struggled at first but eventually quieted down and melted into the hug. "leave..." she whispered. "shhhh, it's okay," he held her close and put his hand on the back of her head and kissed her forehead.

it was now monday, henry had left after he hugged her without saying a word on friday.

he walked into social studies and saw her. she was looking down and focusing on her paper. she looked up when he sat down and smiled.

"hey." he set his backpack down and smiled back. "hi." she whispered. "listen, i uh, i'm sorry that i tease you and your friends. i didn't know that i put you guys in so much pain. i-," she touched his hand. "it's okay." she looked him in the eye. "um, y/n." she looked at him, again. "hm?" he moved his body towards her and looked down. "can i tell you something?" he started to tap his foot. "yeah, of course." he looked up at her and smiled, "i-i like you," he laughed and puffed out, "a lot, actually." a giant smile appeared on her face. "well, it's a good think i like you back." he smiled back and relaxed.

later on they went on a little date in a large field, with candles and food. of course. at the end of the night he took her home and brought her up to her door.

"thank you, for tonight and everything. i had a lot of fun." she smiled and looked down. "anytime. i had fun too." he looked her in her eyes when they flickered down to her lips and back up to her eyes. "oh, fuck it." she whispered as she pulled his head and smashed his lips against hers. it took him awhile but he snaked his hands onto her waist and she tugged at his hair. she pulled away and opened her door, "i'll see you tomorrow." she winked and closed the door.

pretty sure this was the longest story i did. 1,220 words. my others are like 600-800. well i've been sick and i was on spring break so sorry i haven't updated. this was for @nataliaisafangirl

okay. bye.

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