dont go // patrick hocksetter

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patrick and y/n were the perfect couple. or so people thought. they were fighting constantly. y/n can't remember the last time she felt love from them. she was broken and so was she. they didn't know how to fix their problem. they were so torn.

"y/n, you aren't even listening to me!" patrick yelled at her. "not listening to you?! not fucking listening to you?! fuck off, patrick. you obviously don't need me like you need those sluts at that party last night!" patrick's eyes widen. "what?" she turned all her attention to him. "you weren't at home last night. you were at bowers party. i was too. i saw you grinding all over girls, kissing them, touching them all over." she looked him in the eye with pain and regret written all over her face. "i-i was drunk.  i didn't know what was going on. it didn't mean anything. i'm sorry, y/n." he stepped closer to her, hoping that things would be okay. but she couldn't pretend that nothing happened. "did you fuck one of them?" she asked. "y/n....." "answer the question." she demanded. "y-yes." he felt tears slide down his face. "oh god." she whispered. how could she forgive him. was she not enough for him? was she not entertaining enough? was she ugly? was she not perfect to him? was she getting in the way? was he not in love with her? all these questions swarmed her brain like a disease, her body shaking. she wanted to leave but she couldn't get her feet to move. "why? was i not enough?" she whispered. his eyes shot straight to her. "not enough? baby, no, of course you're enough." he stepped towards her again but she backed up. "we're done." she could barely get those words out. "no. no. no. no. stop. don't talk like that. it was a mistake. i fucked up. i didn't mean it. i'm sorry please. please, don't go. y/n. no. you're not going. i'm not letting you." he ran to her but she pushed him off of her and shoved past him.

he watched her grab all her things and walk to the door. "i'm sorry i wasn't good enough." with that she left. not looking back. "don't go. come back." he whispered falling on the floor, pulling his knees to his chest, tears storming down his cheeks.

"come back. i need you"


welp. i feel like that was kinda like the other patrick one. but you know what, i don't really care rn. okay. bye.

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