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"Marry me and bear my child

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"Marry me and bear my child." He said simply like marrying is no biggie.

"Excuse me, WHATTTTT!"I shrieked, I probably didn't hear him right, right? "C-Come again?"

"You heard me." He said deadpanned. Is this oh-so-drop-dead-gorgeous-man crazy?

"Is that an insult or some kind of sick joke, Sir? 'Cause no offense but it's not even funny." I told him cynically, I'm really in no mood for jokes right now. " And why would I marry you? I just met you and I don't love you heck I don't even like you!" I told him hysterically, okay the last part was a lie because I really find him sooooo attractive. Oh, shut up! My mind scolded me he's already kind of insulting me and yet all I could think about is how attractive he was?! Unbelievable.

He narrowed his cold eyes and spoke "I think you should hear me out first Ms. Simon, it's for—"

"Okay whatever, enlighten me then Mr. Monterro."

"I see you're not a very patient person. What I've been telling you is that marry me, bear my child. When the child is born we can have our divorce then the debt is paid and before and after that I will pay you." 

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